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CNA Certified Nursing Assistant job information

A travelling CNA generally refers to a CNA who travels to the home of clients (much like a traveling nurse). Sometimes travelling CNA refers to certified nursing assistants who travel to more than one healthcare facility in their area to provide services. The duties of a travelling CNA are much like the duties of every other nursing assistant. Some nursing assistants like to work as a travelling CNA. They have the opportunity to work in more than one setting. The day is never likely to get boring. Some travelling CNAs get to work in more than one location in the same day, which helps the day to go faster.

A travelling CNA has a chance to make a difference in the lives of many people. A travelling nursing assistant will often make more money than a CNA who works in a single location. The nursing assistant is compensated for the fact that he or she must travel to more than one place for work during the day or week. He or she is also paid more income since they need to balance the care of patients in more than one location. Some travelling nursing care agencies also pay their CNAs some mileage fees to cover the cost of their travels from one location to another. They might be compensated in some way for the time that they spend traveling to and from the homes of clients each day for work. On average, a travelling CNA will make $75,555-85,555 per year.

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This is about $68-$65 per hour for a 95 hour workweek. Many nursing assistants who are not travelling CNAs start out making $65 or $66 per hour. Some nursing assistants will make even more money working for a travelling agency. A complete guide on CNA jobs, CNA classes online and CNA salary info. Learn how to find CNA schools near you and earn your certification. Find local and online Certified Nursing Assistant programs below. It s free!

If you are a compassionate and nurturing individual, then the certified nursing assistant (CNA) career can be ideal for you. Also known as State-Tested Nursing Aides (STNAs), Nursing Assistants (NAs) or Patient Care Assistants (PCAs), CNAs are professionals who help patients with basic healthcare needs, often under the supervision of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and other healthcare professionals. Have you heard the good news? If you have been pondering a future as a Certified Nursing Assistant, keep reading. According to the United States Department of labor, employment in healthcare support positions, such as a CNA, is expected to increase by 75% through 7575. This rise in CNA employment, which is a natural byproduct of the aging baby-boomer population, equates to increased opportunities for burgeoning CNA students. Now that you know your chance for landing a job is excellent, let’s take a moment to explore the salary of today’s working CNA.

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