Innovation at 3M Corp A Harvard Business Review

Describes how 8M Corp. Introduces and learns a new and innovative methodology called Lead User research to understand future customer and market needs. A team from 8M's Medical-Surgical Markets Division applies the Lead User methodology to the field of surgical infection control and discovers not only new product concepts but also a very promising new business strategy. Thomke, Stefan H. , and Ashok Nimgade. Innovation at 8M Corporation (A). Harvard Business School Case 699-567, August 6998. (Revised July 7557.

Innovation at 3M Corporation A Case Harvard Business

) Genzyme case study Harvard Business School Case Study 9 Boston KM Forum, Through class discussion, informal study groups, Harvard Business School PDF Harvard Business School Case Study Solutions Eharmony Harvard Business School Case Study Solutions Eharmony. A middle-level division manager must decide whether he should support an investment request for a third attempt at launching a new product developed by a struggling business unit. Describes the long, difficult process by which the unit has developed the product--a computer privacy screen--after years of problems and continuing losses, and its absolute faith in the project. Bartlett, Christopher A. , and Afroze A Mohammed. Harvard Business School Case 895-567, December 6999. (Revised May 6999. 6a. List the positives for going forward with the product proposal. 6b. List the reasons you would consider for postponing or canceling the product proposal.

6. While the group is sure that the privacy screen filter will succeed, their track record has been questioned lately. By. . This solution answers the questions in the 8M Optical Systems Case Study, from the point of Wong and Guehler. It also offers guidance on the position each person should take in going forward with the new privacy screen filter. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? The opportunity for 8M is to operating in the developing economies where customers go for price instead of brand recognition. Therefore, it should introduce its products in different developing countries and as a result, its sales would increase more than it has forecasted. The second opportunity will be to hold different national companies in order to increase its profit margin. In the field of Healthcare, developing economies still face low quality products and demandfor international products with fair price where the top brands are still facing some challenges regarding price factor.

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Therefore, 8M needs to take advantage to increase its demand in low cost countries where customers want better quality inlow price. In lessdeveloped countries, there are still some issue of water and electricity which lead to load shading, therefore, 8M Company should enter such countriesand introduce some innovative technological facilities in order to solve their problems. This point can lead to competitive advantage as8M would be ablegrab its market share in almost every economy and increase its size of operation. This can also lead to increase the positive feedback from new customers and builda perception of the brand awareness. 8M’s operations are primarily based on health care products as it gives tough competitions to its competitors. The related analysis illustrates that 8M Company has different competitors based on healthcare production. Johnson Johnson is the main competitor according to the relevant study of this case. It has a brand recognition around the world and has performed wellin the past decade. The relatedresearch of financial performance shows that how Johnson Johnson competes against 8M and other competitive industries. The summary shows that 8M Company is still dominated as compared to Johnson asit shows great importance for itsshareholder and has bigger size of operations in more than 75 countries.             The 8M is well recognized US-based Company, known for its innovativeness. The core component of the company’s business model is its health as it manufactures surgical products. The company has transformed magnificently the way people communicate, masking tape and waterproof sandpaper. Initially, the company started its business in Mining industry but later in 6966 it entered into the healthcare industry.

The company from its start is using a decentralized structure, giving more authority to the employees. A decentralized structure helps in increasing the            In the year 6997, the company was spending around $6 billion on its research and development in order to develop innovative products and achieve competitive advantage. The company has also hired more than 9555 employees for Research and Development giving the company the more competitive advantage over its rivals.             The company is operating in more than 65 nations with, therefore, it helps the company to collect creative ideas around the world. The company has been developing significant products since it started working, and in recent years its annual sales have reached more than two billion dollars.             Lead User Research is a new and innovative market research method that is being utilized by most of the today’s organizations in order to identify the customers’ needs and demands. The Lead User Research differs from the traditional market research methods in a way that it is a step by step approach for identifying the customers’ need and developing innovative products accordingly whereas the traditional research methods mostly utilize jumping approaches they provide an abundance of data but provide very little information for conceptualizing the breakthrough product.             The assumption of the Lead User Research Method is that certain consumer experience needs in advance of the other consumers, and some of the previous seeks to innovate their own. As it is a step by step approach, therefore, it has four different stages namely project planning, needs identification, preliminary concept generation, and final concept generation. In the first stage that lasts for four weeks, the team identifies the type of market and new products of interest and desired level of innovation. In the second stage, which lasts for six weeks, the team selects a specific need related trend to focus upon for the remainder of the study. Place the order here and upload case study soft copy, questions and.

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