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At some point during your studies, you will most likely encounter certain types of essays which are trickier than others to write. One of these is the character analysis essay, which students who have never had experience of writing such a kind of essay before, can find difficult. Viewing a sample essay is a great way to see the structure and requirements that your professor will be looking for before you get started. So, here is a sample character essay on Hamlet from ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare: “Hamlet” is one of William Shakespeare’s most well-known and studied works, as well as one of the greatest tragedies ever written. Hamlet, the son of Queen Gertrude and the late King Hamlet, is the nephew of the present king, Claudius. Focusing on the young prince, the play follows his attempt to avenge his dead father’s murder, while becoming obsessed, depressed and eventually driven mad. Beginning with a fixation on gaining revenge, Hamlet procrastinates avenging his father’s murder and begins to question his true motives behind his hatred of his uncle. Hamlet, continuing to be unsure of his uncle’s guilt, stating: “Conscience makes cowards of us all.

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Setting up a play to resemble his father’s murder “The Play s the Thing, wherein I ll catch the conscience of the King. ” Hamlet feigns madness in order to discover the truth. Hamlet’s character shows signs of both cowardice and procrastination throughout the play progressing deeper into his own obsession with his uncle and yet seemingly unable to act upon his suspicions. Hamlet appears, even to himself, as a man without a purpose in life – other than the need to act upon his father’s murder. He is an enigma – at times un-acting and procrastinating to the point of cowardice, whilst also being prone to rash decisions and bouts of impulsiveness. A student at university, Hamlet is perceived as intelligent, thoughtful and even philosophical – attempting to find answers to questions of life and death, love and hate. A literary character analysis gives you the opportunity to explore a character in a book and investigate his role in the story. While character analyses follow many conventions of literary essays, including a thesis statement, well-structured paragraphs and a conclusion, they focus on the traits that establish the character's importance to the story. Crafting a thesis that describes the character and developing your main points with evidence from the text can help you write an essay that illuminates his function in the story for readers. Exploring the primary traits of the character can help you plan the central focus of your essay. Try isolating these traits by examining the character's actions, thoughts and dialogue, as well as what other characters think of him. Then, address the significance of these traits through a clear, specific thesis statement. For example, your essay might focus on the character of Tessie from Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, a story about a town that sacrifices one of its citizens each year to ensure a good harvest. A good thesis statement might read, While Tessie is ultimately chosen by fate as 'winner' of the lottery, she sets herself apart as an outsider through her free-spirited nature, the town's responses to her behavior and her ultimate rejection of the lottery's rules. Your essay's introduction should not only present your thesis statement, but also hook readers' interest by summarizing the essay's topic. Illustrate how the traits of the character are relevant to their lives, either by explaining how these characteristics manifest themselves in society or what the story as a whole reveals about human nature. For an essay on The Lottery, for instance, you might talk about how Tessie's character embodies people's tendency to victimize and scapegoat someone who is different from them. This would provide a good lead-in for your thesis about how Tessie sets herself apart from the rest of the town even before she becomes the lottery's sacrifice. As you explore each character trait in your thesis, the body paragraphs should elaborate on how these characteristics function in the story. Your topic sentence should clearly define the trait you'll discuss in that paragraph in the Lottery essay, for example, a paragraph might begin, From the time she arrives at the lottery, Tessie's free spirit identifies her as an outcast from the town. As evidence, you can describe Tessie's entrance, when she arrives late to the lottery and interrupts the proceedings by talking about her chores and excitement about the event, and then contrast this with the other townsfolks' serious demeanor. Use quotations from the story to provide textual evidence for your observations. Ultimately, you should wrap up your character analysis in a way that does more than just reiterate the points you've made in your body paragraphs. The writing center at Tidewater Community College suggests using your conclusion to create unity in your essay by tying it back to the character traits described in your thesis and introduction. For instance, your essay on The Lottery might conclude by revisiting the idea of how groups tend to respond to people who don't share their beliefs, and how Tessie's death reveals the consequences that often come with taking a stand against the majority. All custom sample writing services are for reference only and are subject to the and. Please use responsibly. Levitria B. ? Learn more about our commitment to verified reviews. Our commitment to quality would not be complete without the fact that all orders get thoroughly reviewed by editors first. Ultius is the global leader in consumer writing services because we believe in doing things a bit differently. (i) Spacing
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(iv) Page length. Literary courses in any level will sometimes require students to write character analysis essays. We will be delving into their conflicts and how the characters resolve them. We will be looking through the eyes of the characters and analyze their roles in the story. If you are having trouble looking through the eyes of characters in a literary piece, look no further and read on because is here to help! In a deeper sense, this is a type of essay which requires an understanding of the character in question. These are usually to understand protagonists and antagonists in any literary piece. One of the aims would be to make a profile and analyze characters well. More than to fulfill a requirement, this type of essay mainly helps us understand the character and the world he/she lives in. One of the important purposes of this essay is to look at the anatomy of a character in the story and dissect who he/she is. We must be able to study how the character was shaped and then learn from their life. Of course to go into the deeper sense, and to truly understand these characters, one must immerse oneself in the story or literary piece. Take note of the setting, climax, and other important literary parts. You must be able to feel and see through the characters.

Observe how the writer shaped these characters into life. Notice how little or how vast the identities of the characters were described. Look at the characters’ morals and behavior and how it affects situations and other characters in the story. Observe characters whom you find interesting. First, you have to choose a character you’d like to write about. Sometimes, a character will be readily assigned to you. It’s wise to consider characters who play a dynamic role in the story. It will captivate the reader since there is tons of information about these characters. If you are required to write a character analysis, your task is to describe the character s personality traits, role, and significance in a work of literature. To make this process as easy as possible, it is best to take notes as you read your story or book. Be mindful of subtle hints, like mood changes and reactions that provide insight into your character s personality. We get to know characters in our stories through the things they say, feel, and do. It s not as difficult as it may seem to figure out a character s personality traits based on his/her thoughts and behaviors: Say cheese! The exasperated photographer shouted, as she pointed her camera toward the group of squirming children. Margot displayed her broadest, most convincing fake smile as she inched ever-closer to her younger cousin. Just as the photographer s finger twitched over the shutter button, Margot leaned into her young cousin s side and pinched hard. The boy let out a yelp, just as the camera clicked. You can probably make some assumptions about Margot from the brief segment above. If you had to name three character traits to describe her, what would they be? Is she a nice, innocent girl? Hardly! From the brief paragraph we know she s apparently sneaky, mean, and deceptive. Each student faces the necessity to write an essay. We mean not just one piece of writing we mean lots of them. Therefore, you should be prepared for various assignments and be aware of different essay types and their peculiarities. In this article, we want to tell more about such kind of academic paper as analysis essay. It is a very popular task because it forces students to draw a conclusion and advance their personal opinion. Writing an essay is like an analysis one, you should do research, compare facts, and give your view on the situation, person or another writing piece. Thus, let's find out more information about this paper and learn how to write it correctly. Probably, you have already known that this component is one of the most essential in your academic paper. Capture the attention of your readers, and you will create a premium work that will excite your teacher and other students in your college. The key point of this part is to highlight your primary ideas. Try to divide this section into parts and lead a reader from one idea to another. If your work requires some research, you should explain this process in the body. You may write a character analysis essay or another writing piece the conclusion is obligatory. It is a proper time to sum up all your thoughts and outcomes. Explain all you wanted to say with your essay and do not apply new ideas. When, it is always important for every individual to read the main article where there are significant scenes that were applied. This is to understand the whole plot of the storyline of a certain character as well the overall history of the subject. The material can be in a form of movie, article, or a play where there are certain characters that were presented in order to create an interesting plot of the story. By analyzing the character, it is important to categorize the overall genre of the storyline. This may be in a form of a drama, romance, thriller, adventure, science-fiction, horror, or documentary that plays an important function when determining the role of the character being analyzed in the story. Character analysis is the process of analyzing the characters of the storyline taken from the article,, or play. Example is when the character is either the main protagonist or the wicked antagonist presented by the author in the storyline of the material. Analyzing the story may include not only one character that played an important role for enhancing the plot into a creative story. The connection of each character is also important because it will evaluate their responsibilities as presented by the author of the story.

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Begin the writing by creating an introduction. Choose the character from the storyline where that person has been a significant in the literary work. Introduce a thesis statement or idea in order for the readers to thoroughly understand the process of the character analysis. The introductory part aims to introduce the story to the reader. It seeks to provide a brief knowledge regarding the activity applied by the character to the storyline. The character’s background is also important to include the personal, professional as well as business related issues that influence their existence in that particular storyline. This can be done by asking how the character is related to other character in the story. Discussing the language used by the character analyzes the communication genre that the character has been utilizing throughout the play. Example if the character is using either conservative or vulgar words presented by the author that highlights the character’s influence to other characters. Making an emphasis on the goals of the character is important in order to reveal essential points that the character is aiming to present throughout the play or the story. Example is to explain how the character wants to become a leader to present an optimistic way of motivating other members of the storyline that can transform their community or the organization that they are affiliated to become more progressive and productive. This seeks to answer if the character is the leader or follow other characters throughout the storyline. It is better to analyze if does the main character has a family, peer, or networks that has been presented in the story. Citing examples are important to improve the credibility of the character analysis applied in the plot of the story. Describing the character’s role if there are changes that have been observed throughout the plot is also important because it details the progress of the character’s performance that can be revealed by the author in the play. The analysis will try to answer if the character memorable or made significant life-changing activities that influenced the reader or other characters in the story? This entails legendary impact that can be analyzed in the story. Write My Essay We are the most trusted essay writing service. Get the best essays delivered by experienced UK US essay writers at affordable prices. *Write a 8-5 page character analysis essay from GAME OF THRONES (BOOK 6 ONLY)*To analyze a character, you must find out what makes him or her tick by looking at social, behavioral, physical, and mental or emotional traits. You also must examine how the author presents those traits through actions, words, thoughts, looks, and reactions. *Topic: Often a character reflects the culture of the country in which he lives, that is, he or she exemplifies the skills, arts, values, beliefs, and ideals that of a certain people or country. From A Game of Thrones, choose a character that embodies the culture of the people he or she represents. In a well-developed essay, define the culture of one character and show how that character illustrates that culture. The lottery is usually associated with beating the odds and winning something extravagant. In Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery”, the reader is led to believe the story is about something cheerful and happy given the setting of a warm summer day and children out of school for the summer. Jackson turns winning the lottery into a bad thing. Of 855 villagers Tessie Hutchinson shows up late, claiming she forgot about the annual lottery drawing, but seems very excited to have made it on time. Jackson curiously builds up the character of Tessie so that it seems she is blinded by tradition until she becomes a victim of it herself. Mrs. Hutchinson is introduced in the story as being late for the drawing of the lottery and claims that she “`clean forgot what day it was’” (Jackson 756). After reading the story and knowing the outcome, it seems ironic that someone could truly forget something that is so awful. It’s almost as if Tessie was dreading this day all along. Why else would she have claimed to forget something so important to the town? Maybe Tessie was overly excited to get in on the action only to act as if it were no big deal. The Author also describes her as coming “hurriedly along the path to the square ” (Jackson 756). Was this because she had truly forgotten and didn’t want to be late, or because she couldn’t wait for the lottery to begin? Initially Mrs. Hutchinson is presented as a character who when she arrives, she calmly talks to the other women and makes a joke to her husband by saying “` Wouldn’t have me leave m’dishes in the sink, now, would you, Joe’” (Jackson 756). I saw you. It wasn’t fair ‘” (Jackson 758). Throughout the drawing of the names, Tessie seemed to be fine with the fact that someone was going to die until it the realization set in that it may be her. Before a drawing is held to decide who wins, Tessie tries to make Mr. Summers include her daughter, “`There’s Don and Eva, make them take their chance! ’” (Jackson 759). This shows how ruthless and careless Tessie is. She knows that her daughter was already entered in the drawing under her husband’s name. Having her daughter enter would only give her more of a chance to live. After Tessie is chosen as the winner she demands that the drawing was done unfairly and that her husband was rushed.

What’s ironic about that is she is the one who rushed Bill to draw. Jackson uses the hypocrisy of Tessie’s actions to show this. Tessie’s victimization at the hands of the towns people allows her to be a semi-symbolic character, which will lose her life due to a cruel death by stoning. There are various methods to compose an essay. Students can use the most suitable one for expressing the essay theme. If the requirement is to compose a character analysis essay, you can use a narrative essay form. Alternatively, if the character is to be compared with a compatriot or peer, compare and contrast essay format will be more suitable. Writing a character analysis essay about a famous person also requires a careful research. Relevancy and authenticity of the information you find is crucial. A wrong statement or incorrect detail could result in embarrassment. It could even spark unnecessary arguments among your classmates. A Character Analysis Essay Sample (Click the Image to Enlarge) provide students with a model essay to base their academic paper on. Are useful, especially if you do not have a clear idea what the essay format is. However, consider using it as your reference guide carefully before choosing the right sample essay. Your character analysis essay example must be written objectively, and referred properly with valid sources when defining the characters of a story. Moreover, working on this type of essay you should pay attention not only to the development of an individual character but also to its contribution to the whole plot of the story. Identifying these factors is necessary because these are the same considerations when composing an objective character analysis essay. If you are at a loss in writing this essay type, then you might want to look for the professional assistance of. ProfEssays. We provide quality essays as well as quality customer support service. With ProfEssays help you won t have to worry about any writing assignments any more. Believe it or not, essay writing can be an easy academic task. If you get acquainted with the basics of writing and keep practicing at it you might even welcome new tasks assigned by your professor. Looking through a number of character analysis sample essays should help you develop your own writing style. Moreover, you ought to take into consideration all the other elements of a character analysis essay. In many cases, a character in a given novel or story is not stagnant but develops with the storyline. One of the most common tasks students receive in their academic life, is a character analysis essay. Professors have always been fond of this type of writing since it proves the capacity to understand and analyze strong literary characters. Learning how to properly describe a protagonist or an antagonist in all its aspects, requires, above all, a solid literary background. Reading a literary work with a critical eye can improve the way you perceive the action, and the characters will reveal themselves easier. However, there are some ideas you can use to write a great character analysis essay, regardless of the time you've spent in the library, browsing complicated books. Keep them in mind when starting to work at your own, if you want to write a paper that is clear for anyone who might be reading it. While some teachers will directly assign you which character to investigate, there are some who will give you the freedom to choose. Use this to your advantage and pick an influential, dynamic character, approachable, but still complex. It doesn't necessarily have to be the protagonist, but a figure who has some potential, who is not flat, and seems to have something to hide. For instance, Raskolnikov, the protagonist of Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is a great character to analyze. There is a great storyline weaved around him, his intrinsic struggles are beyond intriguing, while the interaction he has with other characters reveals so many things about him. He is constantly involved in different events while experiencing many changes throughout the story - and this is what makes him perfect for a writing of this sort. Once you have chosen the right character to analyze, read the story again. Surely your perspective will change once you restrain the action around your chosen personage. Observe the way he or she interacts with other characters and extract the traits revealed by such an interaction. Going back to Raskolnikov, one can tell that he is a good-hearted person by the way he takes care of his beloved sister, Dunechka, who sacrifices her happiness to save him, by marrying a man she doesn't love. Raskolnikov remains faithful to his family despite his act of crime. This is a great feature to explore. Moreover, pay attention to dialogues, because there could be many details about your characters hidden between the lines. Experienced often make subtle suggestions instead of clearly stating, so open your eyes.

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