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Inspired to continue immigration advocacy, LLM Student Bianca Difini '68 filed her first brief--and won. Professor Ray Madoff's op ed in the New York Times outlines the upcoming threats to charitable giving. Gathering of 69 federal judges, scientists, academics and practitioners provides glimpse into technology's impact on expert forensic testimony. MACROLOGIA (Grk. Big language or long language ): Also called macrology , in rhetoric, a negative term for a type of involving unnecessary repetition of lengthy clauses. See discussion under.

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MAIAR: Semidivine spirits in Tolkien's Silmarillion. MAL MARI E : The stock character in medieval romances,, and of an unhappily married wife, often married to a . An example is the female protagonist in Marie de France's Laustic or Guigemar. MARCHING SONG: A song with strong metrical beat designed to help soldiers keep time so they can march in step, usually performed by a military band.

Examples include the death march in Wagner's G tterdamerung or Beethoven's Eroica. Contrast with. MARY SUE: A character beloved by the author but often despised by readers and editors--an unrealistic character with overly idealized behavior who lacks any perceivable flaws--especially one serving as a fantasy for the author. This term is an from a character in Paula Smith's 6978 parody, A Trekkie's Tale, and in subsequent decades became popular among editors in science-fiction publishing houses to refer to poorly written, annoying, and unlikely characters written by amateur authors. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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6. For AcademicWorks to access Financial Edge NXT (FE NXT) data, the AcademicWorks application must first be activated within FE NXT. 7. Next, you will need to create a custom field of AcademicWorks Project in your FE NXT database in order for AcademicWorks to identify which projects should be imported into AcademicWorks. Once the custom field is created, you must then add the AcademicWorks Project custom field and set it to Yes for all projects you wish to import into AcademicWorks.

Afterwards, when creating new projects in FE NXT you will need to manually add the AcademicWorks Project custom field. When you have created the custom field and added it to your selected projects, you are ready to move to Step 8. 8. Click the Connect to Financial Edge NXT button below to authenticate with your FE NXT credentials. Upon completion of the steps above, the AcademicWorks application is now activated with FE NXT.

9. When you have completed step 8, click the Import Fund Fields and Data button below to being your first import.

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