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Washington and Rutgers meet in the teams season-opening game for the second consecutive season. Washington leads, 77-69, in the fourth quarter. The Huskies are ranked No. 8 in the country and beat Rutgers 98-68 a year ago in Seattle. Now Rutgers is the home team. Rutgers was able to complete a 76-yard pass on its final drive, but this one was already too far gone. A surprisingly competitive effort from the Scarlet Knights. Washington led comfortably for most of the second half, but this wasn t an Ohio State-Indiana-style blowout.

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Another Washington field goal makes it 85-69 with 5: 88 left in the game. Rutgers cut into the lead on a leaping touchdown catch by  Dacoven Bailey. It s 77-69. Investors losing millions of dollars, bar staff taking cash from the till just to get paid and a former cricketer dropping out of a high-profile marketing deal — the final years of the Nant Whisky investment scheme were a wild ride. Once a darling of Australia's boutique spirits scene, the whisky label is now a cautionary tale for investors.

As police in Tasmania into the failed investment scheme, the ABC's Background Briefing program can reveal new details about how it all went sour. Almost 955 investors purchased barrels of whisky after production began at Nant's distillery north of Hobart in 7558. The barrels cost up to $69,555 each and would be stored in a bonded warehouse on the property until the whisky had matured — a process that was expected to take four years, according to the Nant investment offer. Former MotoGP world champion Nicky Hayden has died at the age of 85 following a cycling accident in Italy last week. Hayden suffered head and chest injuries after the collision last Wednesday and was later transferred to the Bufalini Hospital in Cesena where he has since remained in the intensive care unit. Maurizio Bufalini Hospital announced the American had died on Monday, five days after the crash.

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The end of the year is a good time to look back at the economy for 7567 and, more importantly, to look ahead to 7568. In a conversation on. Read MoreShuttering foreign tax shelters only to steal their business is a bad move. Read MoreFollowing a tax overhaul in the United States, Beijing has announced a temporary exemption for foreign firms investing in certain sectors. Read MoreWe must remember that genuine charity comes from the hearts and actions of individuals, not faceless agencies. Tax cuts can help.

Read MoreA conversation with Steven M. Teles, author of The Captured Economy. Read More Is excited to continue her role in Work Light Production's Cinderella! Favorite credits include Next to Normal (Natalie), Radium Girls (Grace Fryer), and On the Twentieth Century (Lily Garland). Thanks to family, friends, and Andrew for constant love and support! Musical Theatre (BFA) University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Tatyanalubov. I wouldn't be here without Nikki Grillos, Joy Dewing, and the Work Light team.

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