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We use the word “grounded” in many different ways. From a psychological perspective, to be grounded means that we are “down to earth” and don’t have our “head in the clouds. ” There is a certain stability associated with being grounded, for the word implies a firm footing, or rootedness. When we are grounded we are able to dream big, but also appreciate the work it will take to achieve these dreams. The Greek myth of Icarus offers insight into the psychology of groundedness. It is the story of a young man who is being taught by his father how to fly. They wear hand-made wings comprised of feathers, held in place with wax. Icarus’s father sternly warns his son to not fly too close to the sun lest its heat melt the wax and destroy the wings.

How to Cope With Being Grounded 7 Steps with Pictures

Icarus, however, enthralled with his new-found power, ignores his father’s warnings and flies ever higher. Predictably, his wings disintegrate and he falls to his death. One reason why this myth has endured for so many generations is because it speaks to a recurring theme in human life. That theme involves our natural tendency, perhaps especially when young, to abuse the power that comes with a new ability or privilege. Similar to when a person first receives their driver’s license or were first placed in a position of authority over others. It is not uncommon to push (or break) the limits of a new ability or freedom before we learn how to relate to it in a responsible way. The myth of Icarus warns of the dangers of what is called “ego inflation.

” Ego inflation occurs when we have become overly idealistic or one-sided in our viewpoint or approach to life. It is as if we are hypnotized by our own ideas or goals to the exclusion of other perspectives. Other people may experience us as arrogant or closed-minded. Ego inflation is akin to being “high” and is sometimes symbolized as such in our dreams. Illicit drugs and alcohol, especially when used in a compulsive way, can be a way of running from life. This could be our outer life, or some aspect of our inner life. We can’t be grounded when we are running from life.

The Importance of Being Grounded Healthy Beginnings

Another use of the term grounded relates to the idea of punishment. Children (and airplane pilots) are grounded when they break the rules. When we feel and behave as if we are above the law, above authority, we sometimes need to be brought back to earth and reminded that we are not God. We need to be re-grounded, or humbled. Of course, grounding does not always achieve this end, but this is its deeper purpose. Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing. Our collection includes thousands of sample research papers so you can find almost any essay you want.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an address by David Petraeus, retired US Army General and CIA Director. Currently Petraeus is a Partner with KKR, chairman of the KKR Global Institute, and serves three separate universities in various roles obviously a bright and accomplished individual. And although I found his address engaging, what impressed me most was his sense of firm grounding. He knows who he is. His self-knowledge radiated from the podium. Through good times and bad, wise decisions and stumbles, David Petraeus has a strong sense of self and the bigger world. The source of this self-mastery is in spiritual intelligence.

Like intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence is a developed awareness…in this case, of self and the larger picture of life.

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