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My classroom is big and spacious. It is very neat and clean. It is airy and lit.  It has 68 benches for students to sit. Two students can sit together on a bench. I sit with my best friend. Our Bench has a shelf to keep books. Our classroom has 5 tube lights and 9 fans. It has two doors and three big windows. There is the fixed large black-board on which the teachers write with chalk. There is a big table and a chair for the teacher. There is a cup board in a corner for teachers to keep their books in it. The walls are white and clean. They are decorated with charts and maps and pictures of great personalities. I like my classroom very much. What's the difference between alliteration and assonance? When should you use past perfect verb tense?

How do you write a convincing essay? We know! With our English Enrichment curricula, your child will too. We offer a comprehensive English program focused on critical thinking, reading and writing skills, vocabulary, and standard English grammar. In today's globalized world, communication and analytical thinking are central to success. That's why we emphasize the application of skills rather than rote memorization. Plus, as your kid gets smarter, our material gets harder, so there's always just the right amount of challenge. Our small class sizes and college-educated instructors also help ensure that your child will get the most out of their weekly 65-75 minute classes. We group students at similar levels and schedule regular weekly classes so that students get to know their teacher and classmates, which makes for a fun and stimulating learning environment. Math is everywhere! Whether you're calculating a grocery budget or building a space shuttle, math skills are crucial in today's world of innovation. Our Math Enrichment curricula will prepare your child for future success. With our math program, students don't just master a foundation of mathematical concepts—they also apply them to real-world situations through a combination of hands-on classroom learning, supplemental homework, and weekly tests. We want students to know why they're learning what they're learning. No matter their level, we help them develop the confidence to think critically about problem-solving and apply their learning to everyday life. See below some of the benefits you will get when requesting for our assistance.

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