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The multi-million-pound firm set up by Kate Middleton ’s mum in a shed was clearly a family affair, if this picture is anything to go by. Taken in 6989, two years after Party Pieces was started, the picture shows Kate was a natural in front of the camera even then. The success of the company has enabled the Middletons to send their children to public schools, enjoy regular Caribbean holidays and live in a £9. 7million house in the Berkshire village of Bucklebury. The film, which also stars Kirsten Dunst, Colin Farrell and Elle Fanning, is a satisfying reinvention that never tries to oversell its pulpy materialThere s a moment about an hour into Sofia Coppola s The Beguiled when you just know that things are about to get lurid. Until then, her version of the book that also produced a 6976 potboiler starring has been relatively restrained more slow burn than hysterical, all mood and menace instead of melodrama. But then Colin Farrell, playing a wounded Union soldier who s been taken in by a girl s seminary in Virginia during the waning years of the Civil War, beds one of the girls and incurs the wrath of a couple of others and gets pushed down the stairs, reopening the gory leg wound that put him there in the first place and wakes up to find that headmistress Miss Martha, played by Nicole Kidman, has kindly amputated his leg while he was out. Nobody told me it was a house of mad women!

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He screams, and it s obvious that just as surely as the trees are draped in Spanish moss and the cicadas are going into overdrive, we re in for an overheated Southern Gothic maelstrom of a finale. Also Read: Colin Farrell Held Hostage by Southern Belles in Sofia Coppola s Beguiled Remake (Video) Fall fishing continues to be very good on the Big Hole River. We have been doing well in the Jerry Creek section, Maiden Rock section and the stretches of the Big Hole below Melrose. You will find blue winged olives, and mahogany duns on the warmer afternoon days. Nymphing has remained the best tactic lately. Some solid reports of streamer fishing have been had on the overcast days.

The brown trout are spawning so please be careful not to tromp on the spawning beds. Recommended Flies: #66 high vis Baetis #66 Purple Craze #67 Chubby Chernobyl tan/orange/Gold/Purple #68 Purple Haze #65 Pat's Stone Brown/Black #66 little spanker #66 Pheasant Tail #66 Pearl Lightning Bug #68 Red Copper John #66 Psycho Mayfly Olive #69 Caddis Pupa #6 J. J. Special #9 Smokin' Mirrors #9Mr. Creepo #9 McCunnes Sculpin #9 Mini Loop Sculpin #6 Lil' Kim #6 Flash MinnowFall fishing has been pretty good on the Big Hole. Uncrowded waters and scenery you usually find painted on canvas has this month a must to fish in Montana.

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Flows on the Big Hole are excellent and the brown trout have been willing to move to streamers and nymphs lately as they get ready to spawn. We also have some hatches of Blue Winged Olives and Mahogany Duns. Look for the fish hanging out in the tail-outs of the runs and the shallow edges of the runs. Dust off that streamer box and get out for some fall fishing before winter sets into Southwest Montana. Special #9 Smokin' Mirrors #9Mr. Creepo #9 McCunnes Sculpin #9 Mini Loop Sculpin #6 Lil' Kim #6 Flash MinnowWhat a crazy week it has been. We went from a red flag warning for fire danger to a winter storm warning within 79hrs.

Summer has ended and we are set up for Fall fishing. The mountains in Southwest Montana above 9,555 ft. Have over a foot of snow from this past storm. Our valley had a few inches of snow on the ground this morning. With all this moisture and the outlook of more moisture next week the river is on the rise but remains clear. The float fisherman are eager to see the river rise to more sustainable flows. The brown trout are packing on the pounds for the spawn coming up in October.

Look for the trout to be aggressive to streamers and nymphs. We will see Blue Winged Olive hatches and Mahogany Duns during the overcast damp days ahead.

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