The American Dream Brandon King Step By Step The

Detroit Lions running back Ameer Abdullah rushes 7 yards for a touchdown. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford throws to wide receiver Kenny Golladay for a 76-yard completion. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford throws a dime to wide receiver Golden Tate for a 76-yard touchdown. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford finds wide receiver Marvin Jones for a 8 yard touchdown. PREFACE: Demystifying Academic Conversation

INTRODUCTION: Entering the Conversation6. THEY SAY:

Starting with What Others Are Saying

7. HER POINT IS: The Art of Summarizing

8. AS HE HIMSELF PUTS IT: The Art of Quoting9. YES / NO / OKAY, BUT: Three Ways to Respond

5. AND YET: Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say

6. SKEPTICS MAY OBJECT: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text


SO WHAT? WHO CARES? : Saying Why It Matters8. AS A RESULT: Connecting the Parts

9. AIN''T SO / IS NOT: Academic Writing Doesn''t Mean Setting Aside Your Own Voice

65. BUT DON''T GET ME WRONG: The Art of Metacommentary66. I TAKE YOUR POINT:

Open Argument Brandon King The American Dream Dead

Entering Class Discussions

67. WHAT''S MOTIVATING THIS WRITER? : Reading for the Conversation

68. ANALYZE THIS: Writing in the Social Sciences Http: //www. Antiessays. Com/free-essays/American-Dream-Controversy-956796. Html American Dream Controversy. Anti Essays.

Retrieved January 6, 7568, from the World Wide Web: http: //www. Http: //www. Html “The American Dream, Alive or on Hold, ” by Brandon King fails to identify the reasons why creating more jobs and raising the minimum wage would not be good for the United States economy. King states that “raising the minimum wage does little to make the poor richer. ”(king 7567) The minimum wage in the Unites States is well below where it should be, the minimum wage was put in place During the Great depression to ensure that Americans could meet basic necessities. Creating jobs and the minimum wage increase is a major subject in todays politics and media outlets. The increase of minimum wage was implemented during The Great Depression to try and help boost the economy, and it worked. This move helped get the United States out of the Depression.

A higher minimum wage has many benefits to the biggest percentage of the United States it would affect the economy in a good way.

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