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Earlier this year the food writer stumbled across an describing a trove of digitized documents from Ernest Hemingway's home in Cuba that were recently donated to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, home of Hemingway's personal archives. One line in the article caught her eye: And the more mundane, like his instructions to the household staff, including how to prepare his hamburgers: ground beef, onions, garlic, India relish, and capers, cooked so the edges were crispy but the center red and juicy. She reported her experiences this week blog. I had made burgers before, countless times on countless evenings, Tan writes. This one was different I wasn't making just any burger -- I was attempting to recreate Hemingway's hamburger.

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And it had to be just right. Let the bowl of meat sit out of the icebox for ten or fifteen minutes while you set the table and make the salad. Add the relish, capers, everything else including wine and let the meat sit, quietly marinating, for another ten minutes if possible. Now make your fat, juicy patties with your hands. The patties should be an inch thick, and soft in texture but not runny. Have the oil in your frying pan hot but not smoking when you drop in the patties and then turn the heat down and fry the burgers about four minutes. Take the pan off the burner and turn the heat high again.

Both sides of the burgers should be crispy brown and the middle pink and juicy. stopped making Mei Yen Powder several years ago, according to Tan. You can recreate it, she says, by mixing nine parts salt, nine parts sugar and two parts MSG. The majority of sites are accessible by canoe, kayak or motorboat, though one may be reached by foot from Flamingo. Visitors should be aware that no backcountry site is available by car. Winter is the best season to go. Summers are hot, muggy, and mosquitoes are plentiful.

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Feeding wildlife anywhere in the park is prohibited. Use caution around campsites where alligators or other wildlife may have been fed or gained access to human food. If wildlife associate humans with food, they may exhibit more assertive behaviors. When most Americans traveled either by foot or by canoe, the most common and most practical sidearm and camp tool was the tomahawk. The preferred weapon of Native America caught on quickly among the European pioneers, and the combined demand created a massive influx of trade axes to the Americas. The more practical forms of the one-hand axe proved best for work and for survival in the dense brush and virgin forests of the New World. For campers, hunters and canoers today the hatchet or camp axe is still the sensible solution to many everyday problems.

Tasks which would take hours with a belt knife take minutes with a good hatchet. Hunters of big game use the axe to cleave bone. Expert campers use axes to build emergency shelters, and chop and split firewood. Full sized axes may be better suited to farm work, but hatchets and tomahawks go anywhere small enough to fit in the pack or lash to the bottom of a canoe seat. Sporting axes today include another popular European import, the mountaineer s ice axe, and military tomahawks which serve peaceful purposes equally well. Our choice for the. It s top quality, designed to handle anything from camp chores to combat.

Provides an inexpensive alternative that s still practical and reliable.

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