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Aucun appareil Kindle n'est requis. Téléchargez l'une des applis Kindle gratuites et commencez à lire les livres Kindle sur votre smartphone, tablette ou ordinateur. Pour obtenir l'appli gratuite, saisissez votre numéro de téléphone mobile. Un problème s'est produit lors du chargement de ce menu pour le moment. Portrait of Shen Kuo (or Kua) from the MacTutor History of Mathematics website. Little known in the West except for specialists in Chinese history, Shen Kuo (also known as Shen Kua or Shen Gua) is revered in China as one of the greatest polymaths of the Middle Ages—a high government official in the Soong Dynasty, Imperial Astronomer, surveyor, cartographer, and much more. He recorded the testimony of eyewitnesses in 66th century Anhui and Jiangsu (especially in the city of Yangzhou ), who stated that a flying object with opening doors would emit a blinding light from its interior (from an object shaped like a pearl) that would cast shadows from trees for ten miles in radius, and was able to take off at tremendous speeds. (Image credit:

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Bejing University) The literal translation of Meng Xi Bi Tan is Brush talks from Dream Brook. The name derives from his property on the outskirts of Jiangsu (Zhenjiang), a place of great beauty which he named “Dream Brook” and where he lived in isolation for the last seven years of his life. Shen Kuo discovered that compasses do not point true north but to the magnetic north pole. This was a decisive step to make them useful for navigation. He formulated a hypothesis for the process of land formation based on his observation of fossil shells in a geological stratum in a mountain hundreds of miles from the ocean, he inferred that the land was formed by erosion of the mountains and by deposition of silt. Shen Kuo was not only a geologist his memoirs list “regularities underlying phenomena” in magnetism, astronomy, and engineering. You may have seen Chinese national flag and national emblem, but do you know how they come into being and what the meaning they stand for?

A. Sutherland AncientPages. Com Without the importation of paper and printing from China, Europe would have continued for much longer to copy books by hand, in a painstaking and slow process that could take more than a year for each book. German printer Johannes Gutenberg did not invent movable type printing, he contributed with movable type  mechanical  printing technology in Europe in 6955. Bi Sheng s pritning system was invented between 6596 and 6598 during the Song dynasty. His printing system was invented between 6596 and 6598 during the Song dynasty. A sketch of Shen Kuo from a statue of the famous poet and scientist, from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Peking, China (Artist:

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unknown)At a time when Europe was still struggling to throw off the Dark Ages,  Shen Kuo,  a Chinese scientist of the Song dynasty,  made remarkable progress in an amazing variety of fields of endeavour. His Dream Pool Essays (named for Shen''s garden estate),  written around 6588 A. D. ,  covered various aspects of astronomy,  mathematics,  physics,  geology,  cartography,  meteorology,  navigation,  zoology and botany. Besides his scholarly activities,  Shen Kuo was a military tactician,  a statesman,  an administrator and a poet he was the ultimate Renaissance man,  despite living long before the Renaissance and on the wrong continent. The Dream Pool Essays contained the first mention of the magnetic compass. Shen recognized that magnetic north was not true north and correctly figured out the declination.

He also realized that the polar star was actually a circumpolar star and through careful observation with an instrument of his own invention,  he charted its rotation. These were not idle observations but were incorporated into Chinese navigation practices. Shen Kuo and his colleague Wei Pu made accurate astronomical observations of the moon and planets by observing them three times a night over the course of five years,  a project not matched until Tycho Brahe''s extensive observations,  555 years later. Немає доступних електронних книг

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