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By: Jon Essay 897 Words April 8, 7565 965 ViewsIf I was with someone that was having a child and we both could not keep it, I d probably put my child up for adoption. I d put my child up for adoption because there are many parents out there that aren’t able to have children and want to adopt. Also I d want my first child to have a good life and grow up to be a good person even though I wasn’t the one that raised him/her. Abortion is basically like murder you’re murdering you’re first born and you d have to live with that for the rest of your life. It’s like your taking away the babies rights by eliminating them before they have a chance at life. On the other hand people have abortions because they cannot take care of the baby or if they feel the mother cannot survive childbirth. Even then, I still believe everyone in the world deserves a chance at life so if I was given that decision Id put it up for adoption.

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No I don’t think abortion should be legal. The reason I don’t think it should be legal is because everyone deserves a chance at life and I don’t think certain people should be allowed to play god. I do believe in what you are talking about, killing animals in adoption centers is an awful way of making room for more animals. But to help other animals in need, you also have to have the room. What if one of the animals are sick, no one is going to want to adopt the animal if it is already on its death bed. Plus not all shelters are kill shelter, there are non kill shelters out there.

So you are saying that we need to kill animals in need to make room for animals in need? Ok. Yes lots of animals are killed because they are aggressive or sick. But also LOTS of animals are killed because no one wants them. They want the cute puppies in the pet store window. Yes there are lots of animal rescues that take the animals they believe are adoptable before they are killed.

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But there are mostly kill shelters. So just because there are good shelters doesnt mean all are good. This topic is definitely a controversial one. I m sure everyone has their own opinion on it. I, personally, have never really thought about this topic until I read your post. My family has two pets, both adopted.

But I do remember a few years ago we bought a kitten from a breeder. A few days after we had purchased the kitten, she got very sick and we soon found out that the breeder had been treating the different cats badly, resulting in sick kittens. Of course this whole experience made us pretty upset, but it never made us think that adopting was the better way to go. I do understand what you re saying about the fact that the different animals and treated poorly and that we don t need any more animals on this earth due to the excess amount already, but I also believe that buying an animal isn t a horrible thing to do either. Either way it s benefiting the animal, which is ultimately what you want. I would be interested to look at more research you do!

Although I agree with you in the fact that people should adopt more animals from animal shelters to help lower the number of strays, you also have to consider the background of the animals and how that can affect the families of the adopted animals. Many families find comfort in buying new puppies because they can raise them appropriately to their own family s lifestyle. Also, by buying new puppies you know the dog s full history and understand its behavioral habits.

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