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Tough GCSE topics broken down and explained by out team of expert teachersGet your head around tough topics at A-level with our teacher written guidesStart writing remarkable essays with guidance from our expert teacher teamUnderstand the tough topics in IB with our teacher written Study Guides One of 's goals in writing Animal Farm was to portray the Russian (or Bolshevik) Revolution of 6967 as one that resulted in a government more oppressive, totalitarian, and deadly than the one it overthrew. Many of the characters and events of Orwell's novel parallel those of the Russian Revolution: In short, Manor Farm is a model of Russia, and,, and represent the dominant figures of the Russian Revolution. Old Major is the animal version of V. I. As Animalism imagines a world where all animals share in the prosperity of the farm, Communism argues that a communal way of life will allow all people to live lives of economic equality. Old Major is absolute in his hatred of Man, as Lenin was uncompromising in his views: He is widely believed to have been responsible for giving the order to kill Nicholas and his family after the Bolsheviks had gained control.

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Lenin was responsible for changing Russia into the U. S. R. , as old Major is responsible for transforming Manor Farm into Animal Farm. The U. 's flag depicted a hammer and sickle the tools of the rebelling workers so the flag of Animal Farm features a horn and hoof. His counterpart in Animal Farm is Snowball, who, like Trotsky, felt that a worldwide series of rebellions was necessary to achieve the revolution's ultimate aims.

Snowball's plans for the windmill and programs reflect Trotsky's intellectual character and ideas about the best ways to transform Marx's theories into practice. Trotsky was also the leader of Lenin's Red Army, as Snowball directs the army of animals that repel Jones. Humans steal, whether it be something materialistic, like a pen or subjective, like someone’s time. The pigs showed this characteristic and stole many things. Napoleon stole the lives from the animals he got the dogs to slaughter. He stole Snowball’s Windmill idea. The pigs stole other animals privileges, the equines lost most of their free time as they spent hours labouring, building the windmill.

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Because of what they stole, the pigs gained more power and ended up stealing from each other. This The animals worked day and night to make Animal Farm the best it could be. The animals would not work on Sundays. Sunday was the only day that they slept in, and have a Sunday meeting. At Sunday meetings, the work for the coming week was planned out and resolutions were put forward and debated. Napoleon and Snowball were the only animals to bring forward new resolutions. The other animals only voted, since they could not think of any resolutions of their own.

Animal Farm in simple terms is the allegory of a revolution gone sour. Animalism, Communism, and Fascism are all the symbols which are used by the pigs as a means of satisfying their greed and lust for power. As Lord Acton wrote: Power tends to corrupt absolute seventh commandment “All animals are equal”, (Ch II) to the “complete equality of all citizens” from the Marx Manifesto. Thus Old major becomes the symbol for freedom and equality, which is the embodiment of social democracy. Notice also a very interesting detail from chapter three, when the flag of animal farm was founded: “The flag was green Snowball explained, to represent the green fields of England, while the hoof and the horn signified the future Republic of the Animals which would arise when rations to be stopped and decreed that any animal giving so much grain of corn to a hen should be punished by death” (Orwell 87).

This quote demonstrates that Napoleon treats the hens with cruelty because his commands are not being followed which was to surrender their eggs to him so he can trade with his neighbors. He not only treats the hens with cruelty but is also cruel to the other animals who feed the hens. On the contrary, Snowball treats the animals with respect and care because he is pursuing

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