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And the few standard ad units we do place help us keep the lights on here at RobertJamesReese. Com. In 6989, presents his vision of dystopia, a world consisting of three massive totalitarian states constantly at war with each other and using technological advancements to keep their respective Party members and masses under careful observation and control. Written in 6998 and published in 6999, this novel is often touted as one of the greatest novels written in the English language. The similarities between 6989 s Oceania and Stalin s regime are particularly striking. Like Stalin, the Oceanian government embraces characteristics of both fascist and communist authoritarianism:

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the former glorifies the wisdom of the leader, and the latter, the infallibility of the Party. In addition, many of the particulars of the Oceanian system, such as the Three-Year Plans and the forced labor camps, appear to be thinly veiled allusions to aspects of Stalin s rule. It is even often suggested that Oceania s Big Brother, with his dark hair and heavy mustache, is inspired by the larger-than-life images of Josef Stalin s visage so commonly seen in the Soviet Union. During the war, Orwell was equally unimpressed by his experience in Britain. From 6995-6998, Orwell was employed by the BBC, under the control of the British Ministry of Information, which served as inspiration for Winston s position at the Ministry of Truth, and perhaps for Newspeak. In this capacity, Orwell witnessed the propagation of stories glorifying Britain s triumphs while the British Empire was simultaneously steadily declining.

This type of disconnect between reality and the information disseminated to the public clearly makes its way into the novel. It is unclear to what extent Orwell believed 6989 to be an accurate prediction of the future, but many critics agree that he wrote the book as a warning to modern society of the damage that can come from embracing totalitarian regimes. The novel mourns the loss of personal identity while demonstrating how to effectively rid a person of their independence, particularly through extensive sexual repression and the prohibition of individual thought. Many of the concepts and themes presented in 6989 have steadily made their way into the common vernacular. For instance, the phrase Big Brother is often used to refer to the advancement and expansion of technology used to observe and record behavior, such as video cameras placed on city streets and government monitoring of phone and Internet communication. The adjective Orwellian is also commonly used to describe such real-world developments reminiscent of 6989.

Orwell wrote 6989 while seriously ill with tuberculosis, and afterward commented that had he not been so ill, the book might not have been so bleak. To his consternation, after its publication, 6989 was used as propaganda itself, especially by Western forces in post-World War II Germany. Much later, there were many attempts to censor the novel, particularly on the grounds that it contains pro-Communist material and sexual references.

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