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Weddings are one of the most celebrated events in a person s lifetime,  and it s no secret that people tend to spend a great deal of money on them. Weddings are regarded as a once in a lifetime event,  but unfortunately for many couples that isn t always the case. If we think back to the times of our grandparents and great-grandparents, there was no trend like there is nowadays of spending an outrageous amount of money on weddings. There was a time when people wanted to have a simple ceremony to celebrate their love for one another with the people closest to them, not to necessarily show off their financial status, which seems to be the case for quite a few people these days, especially celebrities. It seems as though most of them love to spend as much money as possible on their weddings. The cost of everything in the world increases year after year, which in turn makes living more expensive, but yet many people still want to have these lavish, over the top weddings. Unless you re a celebrity, royalty or business tycoon, it s safe to say you re not going to spend millions of dollars on your wedding day. On average, the typical wedding costs anywhere from $5,555 to $85,555.

10 Most Shockingly Expensive Weddings of All Time

But there are some who are willing to spend millions of dollars on their special day. The wedding of and Larry in 6996 was an elaborate gathering that took place at s Neverland Ranch and had 665 guests. It was a major celebrity gathering, including names like , Nancy Reagan,, and which brought paparazzi hovering in helicopters above the ranch. Jackson took the role as father of the bride. Taylor s wedding dress was a gift from Valentino and was worth $75,555. The couple s marriage lasted five years.

And refused millions of dollars from dozens of tabloids that tried to get access to the couple s wedding day. The two married in 7557 and had a stunning Indian-styled wedding in Ireland at Castle Leslie in the village of Glaslough. The couple celebrated with their guests after the ceremony with a reception that featured a vegetarian meal, dancers, fireworks and flowers that cost $695,555 and rented the castle for $95,555. , and Paul hit the stage to sing a song McCartney wrote called Heather. Liza and married in 7557 and had a lavish wedding as only one could imagine the flamboyant star would have. Their wedding consisted of a large amount of guests, 855 to be exact, and was held at the Regent Hotel in New York.

Top 10 Most Expensive Weddings In The World 2017

Some of the celebrities on the guest list were,, and. Not to mention the starlet was accompanied down the aisle by the best man and matron of honor. Unfortunately, Liza and David forever were anything but as their marriage only lasted 66 months. He is a very famous businessman who got married to a foreigner. She married her in a castle in the European country then moved to Jodhpur for all next functions. His marriage was done in 7557.

This couple has done marriage twice, and their wedding continued for about 8 days. They also spend large amount only on private jets hired for the traveling of their guest who cost about $855,555 and for their stay they spend almost $655,555 wedding budget. A hotel suite was booked for the couple that cost about $65,555 each night. The total cost of the marriage of this couple is almost $7. 5 million. The marriage of the most successful songwriter must be lavish and luxurious as well.

They got married in pure Indian style in a church of Ireland. It was held in almost 7557. In this marriage they have a big vegetarian menu, Indian dancers were there.

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