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Profanity essay - finance research associate resume sle sle graphic designer resume objective cover letter. I can't really say that I agree with this article, at all. . I didn't start swearing until I was around 67, and I had an abusive stepfather who would, on a good day, refer to me with the harshest words, on a bad day, I would rather not say.

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And you're right, it all starts with us. I wish people would stop cursing just to do it or just because i can. It's really because everyone is doing it. Many free-speech controversies, especially on college campuses, are grounded in concerns for civility, politeness and good taste. They also tend to follow the same path and end the same way. A government entity regulates speech in an effort to elevate discourse, limit the profane and protect public and personal sensitivities courts strike down the regulations as violating the First Amendment freedom of speech and we end up right where we started.

Colleges may be pursuing a similar course in trying to deal with objectionable cheering by students at sporting events. University of Maryland officials expressed anger and embarrassment following a men’s basketball game against conference rival Duke University in January 7559, when fans chanted and sported T-shirts with the slogan “Fuck Duke” and directed epithets at Duke players. This was one of many incidents of offensive or obnoxious cheering by students throughout the country during the 7559 college basketball season. John K. Anderson, chief of the Educational Affairs Division of the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, advised the university that a written code of fan conduct applicable at a university-owned and -operated athletic facility, if “carefully drafted, ” would be constitutionally permissible. The committee ultimately recommended that the university promote voluntary compliance, although rules and formal punishment remain a “last resort” if a proposed standing monitoring committee determines that voluntary compliance is ineffective. Other schools, such as Western Michigan University, currently have, or are studying the need for, similar codes to restrict profanity and other abusive language. And the approach of a new academic year may bring new incidents and new university attempts at regulating fan expression.

One can envision guidelines restricting profanity and epithets in signs and chants, as well as imposing a general requirement that students keep things stylish, clever, clean and classy. Presumably, the sanction would be removal from the arena. The ostensible purpose behind such guidelines is to enable the majority of fans to enjoy the game unburdened by objectionable or offensive signs, messages and chants.

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