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Zoo animals through all their suffering eventually lose their primal instincts and succumb to various diseases within their zoo environments. Hunting in packs or herds was once a norm for many of the animals found at the zoo however when the food is already prepared there is no need for groups or hunting. Many diseases that plague zoo animals include various forms of the herpes virus, E. Coli, Hepatitis B, Shigella, and Tuberculosis, all passable to human beings(Ball, n. D). On a positive note, with help from veterinarians these diseases can be cured, which will aide in the animals living a longer life. Aside from lack of hunting and diseases, zoo animals have been put into situations where they have to mate assisted. For instance, cheetahs at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington State go through an extensive breeding program, despite the fact that the cheetah species are not easy to mate in captivity.

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The program itself cost $855,555 a yr. , yet the program is not really a success, only fifteen cubs are born to the two hundred and eighty one cheetahs in captivity here in America each yr. (Kaufman, 7567). The Audubon institute is also concerned with the preservation of wildlife species and helping in the mating process. The institute freezes biological material from animals such as gametes, embryos, tissue samples and serums. Freezing the biological material does serve important factors as well, keeping animals from extinction and holding onto irreplaceable genetics(Audobon Research Institute, 7568). With both good and bad points facing zoos, there are still many factors to consider when taking a side. Lastly, there should be more laws governing the treatment of zoo animals. These laws should decide if the animal should stay in the wild, and when the animal can be released in the U. S. The laws should also make sure animals are given the proper environment to dwell in such as mimicking the wild with real bushes and rocks and sunlight, providing the animal with what it would need to actually survive in its natural environment. The laws should also hold more people responsible for taking the animals out of the wild for profit, or for no significant reason. If people are taking the animals for conservation, then we as humans should start with their natural environments first. Advocates worldwide are advocating for tougher laws and bringing into focus the reality of captured wildlife. Thousands of animals, reptiles, and birds will find themselves far away from home, as man continues to bring them into zoos. There is a sense of urgency that something needs to change, fast. Human beings have the power to change the conditions facing zoo animals. In doing this, there will be fewer animals at the zoo. Cages and glass enclosures are not homes for animals we as human beings owe it to all zoo animals to keep them in the wild and free- as nature intended. Animal Zone(n. D, n. P) Six of the saddest Zoos. Retrieved from http: //www. Animals-zone.

Com/saddest- MIA released her latest video Borders recently and caused, as she so often does, an Internet uproar. Her self-directed video is a visual commentary on border regimes and the so-called refugee crisis. Similar to her previous works, Borders immediately gave birth to a number of critical conversations across social media on the politics behind MIA’s imagery. In her video, the 95-year-old multimedia artist performs in front of a large number of male actors who climb border fences, are cramped together on fishing boats, build a human vessel and sit in thermal blankets on wave breakers. The slick video is impressive and beautiful, to say the least. But it also carries a scathing political message by critiquing the nation-states that construct borders to separate the haves from the have-nots of this world. In addition, the lyrics also mock hashtag activism by asking Slaying it / Whats up with that? . Love wins/Whats up with that? So far, the video has received widespread critical acclaim and has been called both daring and timely. Since its launch, it has been described and labeled across media as or. Some journalists wondered why it was MIA, rather than Kanye West, Rihanna or Bono, who first approached the topic of refugees. Others were in awe of the British Tamil artists’ ability to metaphorically visualise an issue that has been marked by dehumanising labels and imageries with, for instance, refugees climbing in a pattern across wire fences to spell LIFE with their bodies. Critics, however, have not been absent. MIA was accused by some of having exploited refugees, portraying them as faceless masses of dark-skinned people, and invisibilising female refugees. Leaving aside that it is probably not refugees but actors who perform in MIA’s video, it’s been remarkable how little attention has been brought to the fact that MIA isn't just making political commentary on a current crisis. In fact, is still raging. Unlike Kanye West, Rihanna or white savior Bono, MIA is not just any ordinary artist with political interests, but a former refugee herself. This isn’t news, per se, but a trajectory that can be followed throughout her many works. MIA has integrated her Tamil refugee identity throughout her long career, long before there were ambivalent concerns or sensationalist interest for refugees in the headlines.

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Yet her autobiography somehow always ends up being obscured when it urgently needed to be considered, as was seen in the analysis of her which was directed by Romain Gavras. The play begins in 6957. And his friend share stories and a bottle of whiskey on a Friday night. Troy s wife, Rose, tells Troy that their son Cory is being recruited to play college football. Troy is disgusted with the idea. Troy had once been a star in the Negro Leagues, but he was heartbroken by his barrier from the majors. He sees no better future in sports for his son. His older son Lyons stops by to ask his father for money Troy is not pleased that Lyons is a struggling musician, but he accepts that Lyons is his own man and is making his own way in life. The next day Troy and Rose get into an argument over his son s apparent laziness. Rose tells him that he has gone to football practice. Enters. He is Troy s brother. Gabe suffered a head injury in World War II and now believes he is the angel Gabriel. He carries a trumpet around his neck to blow and open the gates of heaven. Gabe has recently moved out of Troy s house and into his own apartment, something he is very proud of. It is soon learned that Troy used Gabe s disability wages from the Army to buy his house. A few hours later, Cory returns from football practice. Rose tells him that Troy is furious that he did not help him build the fence in the yard. Troy demands that he quit the team and get back his job at the grocery store. After Cory leaves, Troy tells Rose that he doesn t want his son to be like him in any way. She tells Troy that Cory just wants to hear that he has done a good job, but Troy says he can give no more than he already does to his family. Two weeks later, Troy and Bono come home from work and report how Troy confronted his boss and received a promotion to be the driver of the garbage truck. Troy tells the story of his own father, and how his father beat him and kicked him out of the house at fourteen years old.

Troy hates his father but respects his sense of responsibility to his family. After coming to Pittsburgh as a young man, Troy killed a man while trying to rob him and went to prison for fifteen years. This is when Lyons was born. Cory returns from his football practice and is upset because his coach told him he couldn t play. Cory knows that Troy went to the coach to have him kicked off the team. He and his father argue, and Troy tells him that he shouldn t strike out with him. The next morning, Cory stands by the tree in the yard and practices his baseball swing, but he is more awkward than his father. Troy returns from the police station after having been called to bail out Gabe for disorderly conduct. Bono implores Troy to hang onto Rose. When Bono leaves, Troy admits to Rose that he is having an affair and that he is fathering an illegitimate child. Rose tries to explain how she worked to be a good wife and mother to him and his child. Troy insists that he has done nothing wrong except follow his own desire. She tells Troy that he takes a lot from her and this makes him angry. He goes towards Rose and Cory steps in and shoves Troy. Troy almost retaliates violently before Rose stops him and Troy tells Cory not to strike out. All Rights Reserved Designed By Marshall Mumbure. IMAGE: All photos from our visit to the Banana Distributors of New York were taken by me, unless otherwise noted. When I visited, a couple of weeks ago, he had 75,555 cases of bananas, each weighing 95lbs, in the building. I was there with a group of students from my Artificial Cryosphere class — a research seminar on the built landscape of refrigeration that I m teaching at Columbia University s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation this autumn. Contrary to popular belief, as well as to Chiquita s famous advertising jingle, bananas are the ultimate refrigerated fruit. A behind-the-scenes tour at the Banana Distributors of New York contains several examples of the banana supply chain s evolving architecture of atmospheric control. In 6899, Scientific American published careful instructions as to how to peel that most exotic and rare of fruits, the banana. But by 6969, bananas were so common that a suggested that a daily good turn might well consist of moving a piece of banana peel from the pavement.

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