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forgot the lyrics to the number one song in the country, which just so happens to be his song. The Sorry singer had a performance Tuesday night at 6 Oak in NYC. During his appearance, he attempted to perform his hit track with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, but it didn't quite go as planned. All seems to be going great until the chorus comes around and 78-year-old musician did some improvisation of the lyrics. Instead of singing, Nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito, he sang, Nos vamos pegando, I quit smoking ciggies. Then instead of, Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto, he replaced it with, Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What tends to get lost in the over is that its alleged purpose is to promote a new solo album, As You Were, which is also very good. The former Oasis singer called me last week from his home in Highgate, London, to discuss As You Were, his vocal regimen, his brother Noel’s latest single, Be Here Now ’s tarnished legacy, and why even a guy who once claimed to be occasionally forgets the words to the Beatles’ greatest hits.

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Your new album in its first week. Congratulations.
Thank you. Let me just say, that wasn’t fucking hard, though, was it? There’s a lot of shit in there. It’s nothing to be big and proud of.

What the fuck did you expect? But it is nice that it’s doing well. More so for the fact that people are digging the songs, not just that it’s No. 6. Now that the album’s out, when we do a tour, hopefully people will know the words and we can have a nice big party. Do you still like touring?

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Yeah, mate. I can’t wait. We’ve got a couple of weeks off now to recuperate, and then we start going all around. But I needed a break. I’m 95 and if I don’t have a couple of days in between shows, my voice just fucking just dies, man. Your voice sounds as strong as ever on the album.

What have you been doing to take care of it?
I’ve always been all right in the studio, but I’m not doing anything [to take care of my voice]. I wish I could sit here and go, “I’m looking after it” and all that. But you know what? I’m not, really. I should be looking after it a lot more.

Have you noticed any differences in the sound or range of your voice with age?
God knows.

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