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Professor of political science and a holder of the Madan Lal Sobti Chair, Devesh Kapur has been director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary India at University of Pennsylvania since 7556. Mr. Kapur, who recently co-edited Public Institutions in India: Performance and Design, says our public universities have failed in fostering a spirit of inquiry, curiosity, tolerance and excellence among students. Excerpts: In the next few decades, we will see a youth bulge with a skewed sex ratio, one where people, the young people, have ostensible credentials but no real skills or knowledge because of how bad our education system is. So they have expectations and aspirations which are not going to be met. If you were very poor like in the past, life was short and brutish.

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But not now. And then add to it employment in the face of technological change which in every area requires fewer workers. All of this is coming together with a background of weak, if not weakening, public institutions to manage this. If you see institutions as mediating societal tensions, conflicts, this is what worries me the most about us. In some ways, everywhere public institutions are challenged. Under the Trump regime, White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon wants to dismantle the administrative state. In the end all institutions are some form of checks and balances, but if those in power do not want those checks and balances and they get re-elected repeatedly, then over time there is erosion and — I want to emphasise this — this is across political parties.

The Left, the Socialists, the caste-based parties and the regional parties and the national parties, all have to share the blame for this. If you think of universities, especially public universities, as public institutions, what is amazing is that one cannot think of a single political party that had the least vision of higher education. After all, education is a concurrent subject, right? So, even if the Central government has a particular stance or non-stance, the States could have intervened. Look at the way our vice chancellors are selected. Many of them would not get a job as a lecturer in a decent college. There are reasons to believe that at least in some cases, they have paid their way there.

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At its peak, the U. S. , with way greater resources, set up one new college a week. And this, when we have the most regulated higher education system… the UGC (University Grants Commission), AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education), etc. August 66, 7567 This week I made my debut at, a blog founded by the Fair Punishment Project at Harvard Law School. My first post warns reformers not to focus solely on individual racist officers because color-blind policies can also haveWhile it is entirely fair to say that more crime justifies a greater police presence in a segment of a city, July 78, 7567 In a speech about criminal gangs before police officers on Long Island, New York today, the President of the United States openly encouraged police officers to abuse people they arrest and take into custody. Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star tweeted that President Trump explained that didn’t want officers to protect suspects’ heads when putting them in police cars, saying which drew the officers’ loud approval.

I wanted to take a moment to say that the daily feed is on indefinite hiatus. We re not shutting the site down, we re just taking stock of what we are and what we re trying to do. Although we are not currently publishing the daily feed, we are continuing to collect misconduct stories. The goal is to be the best website we can be for you but we re figuring out how to make that happen. Social injustice definition says that it is a situation when some unfair practices are being carried in the society. Whatever unjust is happening is usually against the law and it might not be something that is considered a moral practice. Basically, social injustice occurs when the equals are treated in an unequal way and the unequals are treated in an equal way.

There are plenty of but 8 of the common ones have been discussed here: There are plenty of examples of social injustice today, even when we say that the conservative minds of people have changed. US is a country full of educational gains but the unfortunate fact is that women in the country make only 87% of males, as per the recent estimates.

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