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Prince Harry 's girlfriend Meghan Markle has penned a powerful essay addressing social media trolls. Meghan, 85, has opened up about the backlash she received over the producers of Suits decision to cast black actor Wendell Pierce to play her on-screen father. In an essay for Elle UK  magazine, she wrote: 'I remember the tweets when that first episode of the Zane family aired, they ran the gamut from: Why would they make her dad black? She's not black to Ew, she's black? I used to think she was hot. 'Meghan Markle has penned an essay discussing the racist abuse she has suffered from trolls on social media The American actress says that the few tweets she was aware of spoke volumes of the racism still at large in the US.

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Prince Harry s girlfriend Meghan Markle pens essay on

as the Queen gets older, growing ­attention and speculation is focusing on the ­monarchy’s future. Opinion polls show that most British people would like William to become heir to the throne, bypassing his father, the Prince of Wales. But courtiers vigorously declare that’s not going to happen. When the Queen dies — as, like all of us, she eventually must — her son is ­determined to succeed her.
Charles and Camilla: Obsessively convinced of his own rightness, Charles views his ­critics with the weary ­resignation of an early Christian martyrThe Prince and his wife Camilla earned warm public sympathy last week when their car was assaulted by rioting student demonstrators in London. But many thoughtful people are alarmed by the prospect of a ­figure of such assertive eccentricity acceding to the British throne.

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