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The simple answer is Personal freedom. The reason is that without freedom nothing else matters. To clarify that, I define freedom as the social, economic and cultural freedom to do as one pleases as long as it doesn t harm others. This is simply defined as the ability to say no without having to be concerned with the consequences. Ex 6. When you own your own business you can wear whatever you want instead of having to conform to company policy. This may sound like a small thing until you realize that this determines what type of clothes you buy. No one can decide for you when to wake up or go to bed.

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You are free. Ex 7. Owning your own home ( outright ) frees you from the slavery of a mortgage or rent. This greatly reduces you stress levels since most of what we earn goes toward rent. This is a freedom for which there s no substitute. When you Boss demands that you work overtime you can say no without worrying about the consequences. Ex 8. Cultural freedom means that you are not limited by an accident of birth. This means that your race or culture of origin does not determine what you eat, what music you listen to or what type of food you you eat. You decide for yourself. I practice Hindu spirituality, cook Hunan and Sechuan style food and listen to Classical music. I love all of these things although none were part of the culture I grew up in. Personal freedom has been my goal for some time now and always will be. I ve known too many rich slaves. - a test that calculates your most likely type based on function usage and developmental states. What are your high hopes, dreams and ambitions? What would you spend your life doing if you had a pretty solid shot at it? ( )I m not trying to be all deep, or complain about my current emotional state, really. I just want to be happy in the future with whatever career, home, or maybe even partner that I end up with. I m still young, I really don t know if what I want to do now will change later, so I work through life while hoping/trying for the best. If I where to choose something, it would definitely be in the area of Film or Theater. Maybe even something relating to Singing too. Though computer technical stuff is a close second u Oops.

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If it doesn't, restart the download. Sorry for the inconvenience. If the problem persists you can find support at Tyvärr måste vi meddela att SSFF 66 är avblåst! Det var ett otroligt svårt och väldigt tråkigt beslut men ett vi var tvungna att ta. If you don t know your destination, you are most likely to go round and round in circles, confused and not reaching any where. Thus, for a successful journey decides where you want to go before you I decide to undertake it. It is natural for us to nurture dreams for our future as the flight of imagination traverses all limits and boundaries. We can become anything or anyone though all that we imagine depends on what we observe around us, the experiences we internalize, the person whom we like the most, the people whom we think are successful and whom we would like to grow up as. All these give us a direction to decide what we would want to be when we grow up. I, too, have a dream and that is of serving people, helping them to overcome their pain, mitigate their suffering and provide relief to them. I have been inspired by Mother Teresa whose life and sacrifice has fired my imagination. I know that she was a social worker who had dedicated her whole life to the cause of the poor and needy and only the rarest of the rare can be like her. The theme of dreams plays a very important part in ‘Death of a Salesman’. They consist of ‘the American Dream ’, daydreams and hopes for succeeding. Willy Loman was the main victim in this play as he ended up losing his life by trying to achieve the ‘American Dream ’. Although, this dream was the main. . Tries to teach and train others” (The peak of eloquence, saying 78).

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I hope to better the world through education, knowledge, and humanitarianism an endeavor I hope to achieve through going to college and earning a degree in business. My cardinal endeavor is and always has been to better the world through. Security of jobs. Many Itinerant workers longed to be part of the great American Dream. This dream was described as the dream of a land in which all life is better and richer and fuller for every man. The American Dream is a prominent theme in John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, and provides the. Dreams or goals? To me they are both the same thing. In life in order to reach our goals we have to be willing to consistently go after them. There are company goals, personal goals, career goals, family goals or health goals, they all must be pursued with passion and purpose. The challenges of life. Audiences, Curtis decides to replace her with the slimmer Deena lead singer and renamed the group The Dreams. With the aid of new songs and a new more glamorous image, Curtis and C. C. Transform The Dreams into a top selling pop act by mid 6965s. But before to long Effie begins acting out, especially when.

Tough GCSE topics broken down and explained by out team of expert teachersGet your head around tough topics at A-level with our teacher written guidesStart writing remarkable essays with guidance from our expert teacher teamUnderstand the tough topics in IB with our teacher written Study Guides George is intelligent and carries self-confidence, whereas Lennie is of an enormous build and has the mind capability of a young child. George and Lennie’s “ dream ” very much relates to that of the American Dream of many migrant workers during the economic crisis. Ambition is something that everyone has no matter their background or age. It can be a driving force to success, or maybe a road to failure. But ambition is a passion one has that should never fail you. Everyone has dreams or goals in life they look to achieve. We might question others on why they chase dreams that are so surreal and nearly impossible to achieve. If one is driven by ambition, goals are a high order in which need to be accomplished. Ambition happens to be one of the best abilities. Although, this dream was the main reason for Willy’s early death, this wasn’t something that he wanted to do it was the dream that the American society wanted him to do. This dream is known as ‘The American Dream ’ and it played an important. Macbeth, is another ambitious person in the play. He is a ruthless king who has people killed so he can stay in power, this ambition represents violence. In the beginning of the play, Macbeth is a kind person who would never kill anyone for power.

After his wife convinces him to kill Duncan, Macbeth's life will never be the same ever again. Every murder he commits will haunt him until he is dead and the unbearable guilt will destroy him and his wife.

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