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Good luck. After you have read the question and chosen the answer you think is correct, a response will appear, telling you whether you were right or wrong and explaining why. Congratulations. You've finished the quiz. If you still want more information on Plagiarism, visit our Writing Services page. A paraphrase is a restatement. Paraphrasing is an essential skill to master in the study of English literature. It's not always possible to quote the passages you would like to discuss sometimes passages are too long and at other times too many quotes make your writing clumsy.

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Blending Sources Paraphrasing Quiz

It's important to be able to encapsulate the sentence or passage you wish to use, without copying the words. This is difficult because writers choose their words with care, which can make your own words sound poor in comparison. Perseverance is needed. You can play all the teacher-written quizzes on our site for just £9. 95 per month. Click the button to sign up or. This quiz is for members only, but you can play our quiz to see how our quizzes work. Quiz yourself clever - 8 free quizzes in every section The student must read the paragraph and select the best summary from the choices provided. Since I am a teacher in Texas, I used this in my classroom as a practice for the upcoming Reading STAAR test.

The format strongly correlates with the test, and really helped the students grasp the concept! Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Texts- modify to allow kiddos to provide practice with explain/define and/or example instead of summarize. For writer s notebook weekly practice for writing to sources. Helping students understand how to summarize text can be a struggle. These suggestions will guide your students to retell a non-fiction text in their own words. This book teaches the audience how to summarize. See More Busy teacher forms Busy teacher forms Stop your students rushing through their work and improve their work habits. Great tool to use for parent-teacher conferences. Guided Reading: Good First Teaching for All Children/Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell Don’t be confused with all the potential answers.

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As I have written many times, you will not have time to read every word in the IELTS Reading test. In these questions, you will be given 9-6 possible answers. T he instructions will tell you how many answers you must choose. Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D. • Most candidates get confused by the other possible answers. They can be distracting as may contain information that is mentioned in the text. Instead of matching meaning, they go with the most ‘obvious’ choice which can often be wrong. Below are two examples of either a correctly paraphrased or summarized passage, or an example of plagiarism. Click Take the Quiz to read the original passage and then the entry in the student's paper and decide if the student's entry is a correct paraphrase or summary or if it is an example of plagiarism. Most Yale students tell us that they learned about plagiarism in high school.

If you read the material in the “ ” section of this website, you will have a chance to refresh what you’ve learned before, and to hear about aspects of writing in college that may be new to you. You may also find it helpful to take the plagiarism quiz linked to the right. Each question is followed by an explanation to help you understand the correct answer. When we tested this quiz on the first 555 students, they told us that about half of the material was familiar, and half caused them to think differently about some aspect of using sources in papers at Yale. If you have read the other material on this site, but still have questions about using sources, please write to us at. We may answer your question directly, or we may use your input to build new resources on the site. You may also want to look at this great webpage from the Yale College Deans Office that includes. No appointment needed. Bring two copies of your paper to discuss with a smart, friendly graduate student or undergraduate Writing Partner. A quiet space to write in the company of other writers, with Writing Partners on hand to answer questions and snacks to fuel your work.

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