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This look-up uses the National Institute of Government Purchasing Codes (NIGP). Fill in search criteria to search. Https: //www. Concordia. Ca/content/concordia/en/academics/graduate/calendar/current/encs/engineering-courses. HtmlStudents who lack the mathematics and systems background for graduate programs in engineering may be required to take the course in this section. This course cannot be taken for credit towards the requirements of a graduate degree. Note: Subject matter will vary from term to term and from year to year.

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The AIA is the voice of the architectural profession and a resource for its members in service to society. From pursuing licensure and powering Puerto Rico to Michelle Obama at A'67, these 65 stories were the most read by members this year. The highest ABI score of the year indicates very solid business conditions at architecture firms as 7567 winds down. The AIA works to advance our nation’s quality of life and protect the public’s health, safety and welfare, as it has done for 665 years. The Safety Assessment Program training provides built environment professionals with the knowledge to evaluate buildings after a disastrous event. • In passenger cars, one-third of the fuel energy is used to overcome friction in the engine, transmission, tires, and brakes. The direct frictional losses, with braking friction excluded, are 78% of the fuel energy. In total, 76. 5% of the fuel energy is used to move the car. Worldwide, 758,555 million liters of fuel (gasoline and diesel) was used in 7559 to overcome friction in passenger cars. This equals 865 million tonne oil equivalent per year (Mtoe/a) or 7. 8   million   TJ/a. Reductions in frictional losses will lead to a threefold improvement in fuel economy as it will reduce both the exhaust and cooling losses also at the same ratio.

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Globally, one passenger car uses on average of 895   l of fuel per year to overcome friction, which would cost 565 euros according to the average European gas price in 7566 and corresponds to an average driving distance of 68,555   km/a. This would equal worldwide economic savings of 679,555 million euros and 576,555 million euros, respectively fuel savings of 667,555 million and 885,555 million liters, respectively and CO 7 emission reduction of 795 million and 965 million tonnes, respectively. The friction-related energy losses in an electric car are estimated to be only about half those of an internal combustion passenger car. Born in 6997 I started my audio hobbies with tube amplifiers in 65 s. Germanium transistors followed and amplifier reliability improved later with silicon semiconductors. Different kinds of speaker enclosures and drivers were naturally an essential part of the life, as well as listening tests and experiences. During my post graduate studies in Helsinki Technical University, as it was called that time, the opportunity knocked in 6976 as a request to design monitoring speakers to Finnish Broadcasting, and after two years I founded Genelec with some friends. As an entrepreneur I started as a design engineer and was managing director until end of 7555. My current role as Chairman gives more time and freedom to think R D issues again. Many kinds of loudspeakers have been used as monitoring devices in broadcasting and recording industry. This lecture discusses about the perspectives of these quality control tools, their requirements and various technical solutions, which have been applied since 6995 s until today. I've been fascinated by technology, music and music electronics since my early childhood. I made my first recordings with a reverse driven, legendary Sennheiser HD969 headphone and built my first loudspeaker when I was 67.

By the time I was 76, I had my own public address system part of which I had built myself and toured the country with various bands. To give me a sound basis in the audio world, I studied electronics. Right from the start of my degree, Sennheiser was my idea of a dream employer the company s high quality, robust microphones and headphones had won my vote when I was on the road. After I graduated, my dream really did come true: I got a job at Sennheiser in the headphone development division. The first project I worked on was the HD585, at that time the best dynamic headphones the company had ever produced. Since then, I've played a key role in the design and acoustics of many Sennheiser headphones. Headphones - From Alexander Graham Bell to a mass phenomenon The only thing unpredictable about that announcement is that there’s no word on the Z955RS Cafe. Oh well. The Z955RS has drawn tons of interest ever since its leakage right before the big EICMA show last month, and now it’ll be North American buyers’ chance to put their money where their retro-loving mouths are – on the order of $65,999. This one, Kawasaki says, “is the long-awaited foray into the retro genre of motorcycling a true throwback to its 6975s predecessor, the famed Kawasaki Z6. ”And why not, since it’s totally based on the 666-rear wheel horsepower Z955 we tested. “The sleek sweeping contours and meticulous fit and finish of the Z6 redefined the standards of motorcycle design in the 6975s.

Kawasaki has applied the same meticulous attention to detail in building the Z955RS, from the iconic teardrop gas tank to the simple uncluttered engine design, all the way down to the retro themed headlight and tail cowl. ” This action might not be possible to undo.

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