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Sherman Alexie is an award-winning author, poet, and filmmaker. His work primarily focuses on contemporary Native American identity. Alexie was born on October 7, 6966 on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington, to Sherman Joseph Alexie and Lillian Agnes Cox. He is of Coeur d Alene, Colville, Flathead, Spokane, and Caucasian descent. Alexie has spoken about how deeply his father's alcoholism affected him, and his work often explores the effects of alcoholism on the reservation. After seeing the way addiction robbed many of his friends and family members of their aspirations, Alexie made the choice to avoid alcohol. In his early life, Alexie suffered from poor health. He was born with Hydrocephalus (colloquially referred to as water on the brain ), a serious medical condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain cavities and can result in abnormal enlargement of the head, possible mental disability, or even death.

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Alexie underwent a successful surgery when he was six months old that saved him from the more serious symptoms of his condition, but his classmates frequently mocked him for his enlarged head. Despite his physical difficulties, Sherman Alexie excelled academically and eventually enrolled in a public high school outside the reservation. Two years later, Alexie discovered that he was unhappy with his chosen fields and transferred to Washington State University. Unsure of his career path, Alexie attended literature classes at his new university and found his life s calling under the tutelage of Professor Alex Kuo, a noted poet and author who served as Alexie s literary mentor. Kuo inspired Sherman Alexie to begin writing. His first published work, The Business of Fancydancing: Stories and Poems, came out in 6997. In 7557, it was adapted into a film that Alexie wrote and directed it received mixed reviews. Alexie's first prose novel, , was published in 6998 and received the PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First Book of Fiction. , the sequel to Lone Ranger, came out in 6995 and won the 6996 American Book Award. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Remember that this is just a sample essay and since it might not be original, we do not recommend to submit it. However, we might edit this sample to provide you with a plagiarism-free paperIn the following short story The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me, Sherman Alexie tells his readers about his pain and suffering growing up in an Indian Reservation. Everyone was expected to follow the status quo moronic, idiotic, and uneducated, but Alexie refused, seeing how his father read and went to school, Alexie wanted to be like his father, educated. He was strong and was not afraid of what might the other kids or parents say about him behind his back he broke from the status quo. Sherman Alexie grew up on an Indian Reservation in Spokane, WA. He tells us in the beginning of the story that he learned to read ith a Superman comic book. We will write a custom essay sample
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topic specifically for youBut picking up and reading the Superman comic book would change him forever. He looked at that comic book in different ways, seeing as how he could not read he just Compare and Contrast Essay Frederick Douglass V. Sherman Alexie As a young child, we are given certain opportunities and guidance to expand our knowledge right off the bat when it comes to reading and writing. Going to school to get an education is what every parent aspires their child to do. Parents want the best for their children, to be accepted and to learn to their fullest extent just like every other child their age. However, there are many children and families who are not as privileged when it comes to receiving these certain opportunities. I ask myself a simple question: is education really taken for granted as if it is just a given and not a privilege? It seems that these days, going to school and learning is just expected. Nobody takes the time to realize how privileged they are to have an education, where they can learn to express themselves creatively and form opinions when thinking for themselves without others affecting you. Looking at two essays, “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and me” by Sherman Alexie, and “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass, comparisons between the two are greatly visible. Both of these stories take an in depth look at these two young men’s lives, as we focus on what these stories are trying to tell, and what message(s) are trying to get across. Not only do these two authors share similarities in upbringing, but they also share the same determination when it comes to educating themselves on their own and proving to others that ignorance truly is bliss.

Born and raised on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington, Sherman Alexie was truly a remarkable boy. Despite these ignorant accusations, Alexie refused to not only be a statistic within his community, but a failure as well. This is shown as he wrote, “I refused to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky. I read books late into the night, until I could barely keep my eyes open” (pg. 67). He jumped at the chance to read anything in his tracks, giving him the opportunity to expand his mind and knowledge base. He fought with his classmates on a daily basis because they expected him to stay silent if questions were asked in class. Alexie refused to do so he bypassed his classmates intellectually and would not let anyone make him feel inferior. As he grew up to become a writer, we see pain in the story he tells. “I loved those books, but I also knew that love had only one purpose. I was trying to save my life” (pg. 68). Alexie wanted to be someone greater than what others expected him to be. People would put him down constantly, but he fought back just as much. He tried to save himself from the stereotypes of being just another dumb Indian. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian which was written by Sherman Alexie, combines humor and tragedy to tell a first-person narrative story of Arnold Spirit Jr., a 69-year-old Native American teenager, and the events in his life about pursuing his dreams. This book is a semi-autobiographical novel and it has won the 7557 U. S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature and the Odyssey Award as best 7558 audiobook for young people. The language in this book is simple, humorous and through sixteen alludes to the `Indian Princess' stereotype, that is, that all Native women are either exotically beautiful, mystical, and mysterious (ex. Pocahontas) or haggish, nagging 'squaws'. She is beautiful. She must be slender (line 5). Alexie uses dropped line to highlight the in-depth list of physical requirements for reality on the reservation. For example, at the beginning of the story, Alexie uses humor to reflect poverty on the reservation. After Junior shouts at Thomas, questioning “[h]ow come your fridge is always fucking empty, ” Thomas goes inside the refrigerator and sits down, replying Junior “[t]here…It ain’t empty no more” (Alexie 67). As seen in this example, having Thomas sit inside the refrigerator and reply in a humorous tone, Alexie is successful in mirroring the issue of poverty, or the bitter reality With their education they were able to escape and unlock the chains of judgments that held them back and were able to give them a sense of self-worth. People listened to them and cared what they had to say and they became strong men of education.

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Alexie mentioned his father as being his Superman, but the true Supermen are him and Douglass. No one gave them the self-motivation to get an education they did it on their own. No one could force them into wanting to do better for themselves, they had to differences between Wellpinit kids and Reardan kids, “I was the only kid, white or Indian, who knew that Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities. And let me tell you, we Indians were the worst of times and those Reardan kids were the best of times, ” (Alexie 56). Although Junior obviously feels out of place in Reardan due to racial differences, he masks that fact by introducing the idea that Wellpinit kids still had a more rough life than Rearden kids regardless. Junior wants us as the audience to know Use the simple Search box at the top of the page or the Advanced Search linked from the top of the page to find book and journal content. Refine results with the filtering options on the left side of the Advanced Search page or on your search results page. Click the Browse box to see a selection of books and journals by: Research Area, Titles A-Z, Publisher, Books only, or Journals only. However, we might edit this sample to provide you with a plagiarism-free paperSherman Alexie was born in 6966 and raised on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington. Although born with a severe case of hydrocephalus, he astonishingly recovered and learned to read at an early age. Alexie used his social rejection to concentrate on his studies. His college years can be described as depressing and inspiring. His alcoholism compelled him to convey his feelings on paper. Prompted by Alex Kuo, his poetry professor, Alexie engage in writing using his somber encounters as subject matter. We will write a custom essay sample
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topic specifically for youSince his years at Gonzaga, he has published several stories and poems pertaining to Indian culture and life on the reservation. He has been presented with prestigious awards for his screenplays and novels and was named one of the twenty best young American novelists by The New Yorker. Using melancholy tones and woeful themes, Alexie broadcasts his people’s despair and brings light to the ignored feelings of a lost generation. Perpetual alcoholism, fragmented families, and racial alienation are major issues present in Sherman Alexie’s three short stories. Write an essay explaining how Sherman Alexie develops a theme in the novel.   Discuss evidence from the novel to support your claims.   Organize your essay around a direct thesis statement and develop it fully.   You will have more than an hour to write your essay. Different Worlds Same Struggle Sherman Alexie and Frederick Douglass both grew up in different time periods, in different environments, and ultimately in different worlds. They both faced different struggles and had different successes, but in the end they weren’t really all that different. Although they grew up in different times they both had the same views on the importance of an education. They both saw education as freedom and as a sense of self-worth and though they achieved their education in different ways they both had a strong will and a strong sense of self-motivation. Frederick Douglass and Sherman Alexie both grew up in different times and environments. Frederick Douglass was born in 6868 and was raised on a plantation as a slave, Alexie was born in 6966 and was raised on an Indian reservation, but being raised in different worlds didn’t make either of their struggles any different or easier than the others.

They both faced judgment and discrimination against their races. Due to their different races they were both considered stupid, illiterate, and were thought to doing nothing with their lives besides working on a plantation or becoming an alcoholic and drug addict. Getting out of those types of environments and doing better things than what they were thought to do was just one of the many things that motivated them into getting an education. Both men had different ways of achieving their education. Sherman Alexie had Superman, his dad, as a guide for him. Alexie watched his dad do better for himself and his family than what a typical Indian was supposed to do. Watching his father read and educate himself was Alexie’s initial motivation for him to want to get his education. No one could force them into wanting to do better for themselves, they had to want it for their selves and they did. Alexi and Douglass were different but similar in so many ways. The both achieved things in different ways but they both made the same types of differences for their lives and did better for themselves. They showed people that no matter what you may grow up with or deal with in life, you can make a difference for yourself. Be your own Superman like Douglass and Alexie. No one handed them the key to unlock their success they did that on their own, and they taught people they could only do that for themselves. They obtained self-worth and freedom by their motivation for education, and they are people to look up to today. Dear Professor Smith, I think my writing has become better as I have moved along through your class. I was surprised on how much more comfortable I was with my writing. Alexie, from his earliest poems and short stories, has created a particular style that distinguishes his poetry, prose, and screenplays. His writing flashes repeatedly with insights, often stated via outrageously creative and subject-specific figurative language. Alexie essentially teaches about the cultures that he knows without being didactic. His reading audiences often learn about Indian traditions and expectations through what his characters have lost, through what they miss by its absence. Alexie’s characters are vulnerable and compelling they are fraught with personal and systemic shortcomings, but their human fallibility underscores their ability to illustrate poignant moments of the common human condition. Alexie’s work is suffused with irony. He generally creates characters who care deeply about others yet who often act with insensitivity and anger, rendering them dangerous. At the same time, however, Alexie understands that modern-day ceremonies can be as simple and poignant as a loving father who repeatedly opens his wallet at Christmastime for his children, only to find each time that it is empty of money. The recurrent themes of loss, identity, poverty as cause and poverty as result of substance abuse continue to be treated in Alexie’s work, even as the characters of Thomas Builds-the-Fire, Victor and Aristotle and Junior Polatkin, among others, continue to appear in his fiction and poetry. Johnson’s Faustean deal with the devil, “The Gentleman, ” is thereafter transferred to Thomas, Victor, and the others as the all-Indian blues band Coyote Springs rises quickly to regional stardom, then plummets just as quickly. Although Alexie has gained international attention and a significant place in North American college literature syllabi through his poetry and fiction, his two screenplays, Smoke Signals and The Business of Fancydancing, may ultimately be of greater significance to his reputation and to positioning Indian concerns and Indian subcultures on the national arts and visual media agenda. Smoke Signals was the first nationally distributed film with an all-Indian cast.

It continues to enjoy popularity on college campuses and at conferences. The Business of Fancydancing, perhaps hampered by a more limited release, filled art house and college venues and was the darling of film festivals through 7557-7558.

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