Both Parents should assume equal responsibility in raising

Should both parents assume equal responsibility in child rearing essay

You are using an outdated browser. Please to improve your experience. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimates that there are 97 million abortions worldwide each year, and 75 million of these are illegal. According to WHO, “unsafe” abortion causes about 65,555 to 75,555 maternal death each year, 99percent of which take place in the developing world. What is abortion? An abortion is the removal of an embryo of foetus from the uterus which causes it to die. Therefore, legalized abortion actually leads to more abortion and in the developing world, where maternal health care is poor, legalization would increase the number of women who die or are harmed by abortion. There are the pros and cons regarding the legalization of abortions.

Should Both Parents Assume Equal Responsibilities in

One of the good effects of legalizing abortion is that if the women is raped and does not want any reminder of the incident than abortions should be legal. Rape can cause serious damage to the self confidence of a women and is something she would want to forget, and having a baby from someone that raped you is not something a women would not want to be reminded of. The child will also grow up knowing that they were a mistake and that is not a life any should have to live. So, in that case abortion should be legal. On the other hand, there are bad side to abortion is that many uneducated women are using abortion as a contraceptive. Everytime the women gets pregnant she goes and has an abortion. Instead of having protected sex or not having sex at all, they have abortion so they don’t have babies.

This is very wrong because they are abusing abortions. If the women can’t afford the correct contraceptives prescribed by the doctors they should not be getting pregnant because they know they don’t want the child or they can’t afford it. Eventually, in this case abortion should not be legal. Futhermore, another bad effect of legalizing abortion on women health is they may suffer from internal haemorrhage, uterine or pelvic infection, uterine perforation and cervical laceration due to the injection of anaesthesia in the uterine muscles. In the long run, abortion may not entirely affect succeeding pregnancies, though intrauterine pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy could take place in others. It could also raise the potential for premature birth, infertility and miscarriage. On the extreme level, abortion may cause death due to exsamguinations or excessive bleeding.

Should both parents assume equal responsibility in raising

Get the grade or your money back Plagiarism-free Delivered on timeGet the grade or your money back Plagiarism-free Delivered on timeDisclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Naturally, family is made up of mother, father, and children. Children are supposed to be raised by both parents, and we all accept that father and mother have vital roles in upbringing their children into potential and useful people to contribute to social development. However, it is quite challenging if we want to compare whether mother or father is more important.

What if mother is more important, is she has to assume more responsibility, or what if father is, ought he to assume more? On my point of view, in no account should parents assume unequal responsibility due to children development sake, the difficulty of raising children, and family happiness. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Topic: Should Both Parents Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising A ChildRemember that this is just a sample essay and since it might not be original, we do not recommend to submit it. However, we might edit this sample to provide you with a plagiarism-free paperMost of us as babies learn from the senses and sometimes the hard way when we disobey our mother’s warning of “Hot”, we touch, it burns, we learn. Humans are born with five senses sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.

These senses make the world an open book for us.

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