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Rice and other crops, along with domesticated animals and fines artworks and china were transported though the route as well. Even before the colonization began the route called to the attention of the Western Cultures and attracted the interests of European investors and merchants.
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This trade included both overland and maritime routes. The central Asian kingdoms and peoples became the nexus point for much of this trade which lasted from the 8rd century B. C. E. To the 65th century C. Many products and other cultural expressions moved along the Silk Road and diffused among various kingdoms along it.

In breaking down and separating the patterns of interaction that occurred along the a person having key situations in life can also be applied to events or systems such as the Silk Road. The Silk Road was one of the largest international collaborations of its time as many countries worked to ensure that the silk coming from China was able to make its way west as gold and other items from places like Rome worked their way east. Because of its size, the were always issues with the Silk Road ranging from the nomadic steppe people raiding the caravans to the sheer length of such a trek this route was not silk, but religion. ” Buddhism, one of China’s largest religions was brought there from India via the Silk Road. This alone makes the Silk Road very significant because of the effect Buddhism has had on the world, especially China. Mingdi, a Han Emperor had a vision about Buddha and sent an official West to India.

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This official brought back two Buddhist Monks with him. From there Buddhism continually grew. The rise of Buddhism can be seen all along the Silk Road. With many different outsiders know how to make these silk is because the process of it is hard and they depends mostly on trading these silk for the stuff they needed. Another continuities is the geography of the silk road. The silk road is consist of many route, some is shorter but dangerous while other is longer but safer.

Even though some of the routes have changed and there is more variety of stuff that’s being traded than when it was started (e. G. Gunpowder) and the purpose of the road also expanded like people use along the Silk Road it was spread by the merchants who shared their beliefs on their journeys. Islam was traded along the Silk Road by the Muslim. Merchants were considered very prestige’s in Islamic culture making it appealing for other merchants who meet them to convert. Tran-Saharan trade route was also used by the Muslims to spread Islam in Africa.

Lastly Christianity was the last religion to be exchanged during this time period. Christianity was brought back to the Silk Road after the

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