Two constitutions Texas vs US A Comparison

Texas constitution vs us constitution essay

If you have any trouble with our navigation menu,. If you would like to locate a library book,. Federal statutes ( i. E. , the laws passed by the U. S. Congress) are organized by subject matter in the . Often, federal laws are given or referred to by common names such as the Civil Rights Act of 6968, the USA PATRIOT Act or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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Before federal statutes are added to the, there are a handful of steps that must be taken. After a bill makes it way through the legislative process and it is to become law, the bill is forwarded to the for filing and publication. Once a Congressional session ends, all of the legislation passed by that particular Congress is compiled and published chronologically as a bound volume of the . In an effort to make these federal statutes more accessible, they are periodically reorganized by subject matter this arrangement of federal statutes by subject matter results in the. For a fuller explanation of how federal statutes are adopted,  see on the website. For more legislative information, including filed bills, Congressional reports, and other relevant information, see (what was previously ).

For official publications such as the U. Statutes at Large and the U. Code, try the. Before they are codified and arranged by subject matter in the, federal statutes are first published as session laws. All of the statutes passed by a particular session of Congress are then compiled and published chronologically in a bound volume of the, which is the collection of all statutes passed by the U. Congress.

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For help locating copies of statutes that were enacted prior to 6995, please contact us at or at. Whereas the U. Constitution is brief and vague and thus allows the federal government to broadly interpret the constitution and claim implied powers to meet specific public policy challenges, the Texas Constitution is long, detailed, and contains many statutory provisions that specify precisely what the government is allowed to do…or not do. When public policy challenges arise, Texas’ public officials do not have the option of interpreting the constitution in a manner that would allow them to deviate from the specific language of the document. Instead, public officials must amend the constitution if they wish to act outside of the detailed language set forth in the basic law. The location of language in each document is also revealing.

Whereas specific civil liberties in the U. Constitution are mostly listed in amendments known as the Bill of Rights, a Bill of Rights forms the very first article of the Texas Constitution. A final difference of note between the U. And Texas Constitutions concerns the process. The U. Constitution is exceedingly difficult to amend, but the document’s structure makes frequent amendment unnecessary.

Constitution has only been amended 77 times and 65 of those amendments (the Bill of Rights) were part of the founding document. In contrast, the Texas Constitution is relatively easy to amend.

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