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Are you looking for more information on how to cite different sources in APA, MLA or Chicago style? Create your bibliography using the information provided in our citation guides.
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- find records available on the City of Springfield website, and learn how to request additional records- Get information on Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief funds (CDBG-DR) Pixie Lott is a 79 year old English singer, songwriter and actress. Pixie isn’t afraid to play around with fashion and is well known for her signature 6965s style. Often seen in mini-skirts and bright patterns with a beehive hairstyle, she epitomises the fun and playful 65s era in all her looks. Pixie is also [ ] Alyson Hannigan is an American actress, best known for her roles in the film series American Pie and popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother. She first won our hearts back in the 6995s with her quirky taste and she’s still one of our favourite fashion icons today. Her style has evolved over the [ ]Jameela Jamil is an English television presenter, radio DJ and model. She is a rising star in the fashion world, carving out her own niche in feminine-grunge-glam outfits. Her style has been described as a unique look that both reflects and inspires the UK s young, fresh fashionistas. Jamil has been featured in many top fashion [ ]After the crashing post-Christmas comedown, everyone’s thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions. This year why not resolve to treat yourself to a piece of genuine Pandora?  Or better still, have someone else treat you!  Either way Pandora can help you bring in the New Year with a bang. Attention Seeker Nothing completes an outfit quite [ ]Beads and charms that are labelled as retired or discontinued are no longer made by Pandora and therefore are in limited supply. For this reason they are often more expensive than you might expect simply because when they re gone they really are gone!

For some, the older Pandora beads have a charm that the [ ] The argument about the relative merits of literary and genre fiction just keeps running and running. There'll be periods of decorous silence, and then it will break out again, usually in the form of some egregious statement in a broadsheet or magazine, and it will be like it never left. One thing you tend to notice after a while, though: it's almost never writers of genre fiction who are picking the fight. To be fair, it's often not literary writers either -- it's academics taking up the cudgels on their behalf considerately telling us which stories are worth serious consideration and which aren't. And I guess we appreciate the help, right? Because it's a bewildering fictional landscape out there and an innocent young seeker after truth could easily go astray. The most recent iteration appeared in the Guardian a few weeks back, which came (to me, at least) as something of a blow -- the Guardian has an excellent record of reviewing genre novels and movies without shunting them into a here's something you might consume for light relief between masterpieces ghetto. But here was Oliver Burkeman telling us -- I'm assuming with a straight face -- that one way to be a smarter reader and get more from what you read is to stick to literary fiction. Why? Because a well-designed study at a U. S. Social research think tank (it's Kidd & Castano if you want to look it up) found that literary fiction produces more powerful emotional identification with its more fully rounded characters and has a lasting effect on your ability to empathize with others. So a spurious claim is being worked up out of a flawed study that seriously over-sold the significance of its findings. You can't help but feel that there's an agenda here, or at least a presumption -- that literature has merit and that what has merit is by that same circular definition literature.

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