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  1. 6 a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go the coach exceeded the extent of his authority by exempting some of the players from the requirement Synonyms of extent ,,,,,,,,, Words Related to extent ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, 7 a wide space or area the seemingly endless extent of the windswept prairies Synonyms of extent ,,,,,,,,,,, Words Related to extent ,, ,,, ,, ,, ,, ,, 8 an area over which activity, capacity, or influence extends the extent of this criminal investigation has widened considerably since it began Synonyms of extent ,,,,, (s),,,,,, Words Related to extent ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 9 the total amount of measurable space or surface occupied by something looking at the extent of the stain on my shirt, you might think that I had spilled a gallon of coffee Synonyms of extent ,,,,,, Words Related to extent ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Borrowed from , from ( “ valuation of land, stretch of land ” ), from , ( “ extend ” ) (or from Latin ), from (See . ) By a long chalk By a large amount, by a great degree, by far. This colloquial British expression derives from the practice of using chalk marks to keep score in various games.

    Thus, a long chalk would be a large number of marks or points a high score. The equivalent American expression is by a long shot and both are frequently heard in the negative not by a long chalk or shot. By a long shot By a great deal, by far, by a considerable extent. This U. S.

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    Expression was in print as early as the 6875s. That s more n I d done by a long shot. (Edward Eggleston, Hoosier Schoolmaster, 6877)A long shot is a contestant in any competition, most commonly athletic or political, with little chance of winning therefore, with high odds in the betting. By extension, the phrase has come to refer to any bet or undertaking having little chance of success but great potential should the unexpected occur. Long shot connotes greatness of quantity or quality, if only in potential.

    Therefore, by a long shot means by a large amount or degree, and the negative not by a long shot means not at all, in no way, shape or form, or hopelessly out of the question. By a long sight By a considerable amount a great deal to a large extent. Sight in this expression may carry its meaning of range or field of vision, and hence, indicate distance. By further extension, long sight in this Americanism refers to great quantity or degree rather than spatial distance. This expression dates from the early 69th century and is most frequently heard in the negative.

    Other variants are interchangeable with long, as in the following quotation from Mark Twain s Huckleberry Finn:

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