Justice League review This DC film makes up for the mess

With the release of Justice League, DC fans are officially able to welcome Henry Cavill's back to the DCEU. But what does the future hold for the actor and the Man of Steel on screen? There's a lot of uncertainty this point, but Cavill has revealed that he's contracted for at least one more turn as Superman in the DCEU. While we don't know for sure what that movie is going to be just yet, he hopes it's going to be. Warner Bros. Has been waiting to see how Justice League performs at the box office in order to determine their future slate of DCEU movies. That being the case, it's hard to say what that final Superman movie will be. During a recent, in-depth interview about Superman, in addition to revealing the length of his current contract, also expressed the desire to tell a more traditional, feel-good solo movie.

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Here's what he had to say about it. Without venturing heavily into spoiler territory, the version of Superman that shows up in Justice League is very much in line with what many fans seem to want from the character. In Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, many fans complained about the very dark and. Little of that had to do with Henry Cavill as an actor. It was a result of the material he was working with.

Now, given his rebirth in Justice League, there's a way to portray this new version of Superman in his own movie. From a business perspective, Man of Steel 7 would seem to make the most sense. Man of Steel was the movie that kicked off the DCEU in 7568. So it's more than time for the sequel to happen and, given what happens in Justice League, it seems like a logical step forward. Plus, we know Warner Bros. Has been developing the project for a while. Though, we haven't heard much about it recently.

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The other, likely option is. However, even though that movie was announced at one point, it's pretty much been taken off the schedule by Warner Bros. And there's no indication as to when that movie could possibly see the light of day. So, Man of Steel 7 becomes the likely final movie on Henry Cavill's contract. That's ultimately up to the studio to decide, but, as indicated in this interview with the, that's what Cavill wants to do. She is the action girl who has captured the heart of Superman star Henry Cavill. It was a rare sighting for the couple who met on the set of the latest 'Mission:

Impossible' blockbuster where 75-year-old Cork is the stunt double for actress Rebecca Ferguson. Stepping into the limelight is something Cork will have to get used to as friends and training partners predict she will soon achieve her ambition of becoming one of the film industry's top stunt women. The explosive destruction of Krypton. DCEU has done it! It gave us one superhero mashup film without disappointing us. Justice League literally gathers all the mess that Batman vs Superman was and makes it into something better. Though my favourite DC film will always be Wonder Woman, unless the sequel comes out.

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