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Do not waste your precious time and contact our customer service team to get on the road to excellent papers. We are so excited to announce that Lola Dutch will be coming to you not just once, but three times over the next two years! We are so thrilled to be part of this amazing team at Bloomsbury Publishing, and the excitement they have for Lola Dutch and her stories. I know you don't even have the first book in hand yet, but when you do, you can know that more are coming! Lola has a lot of stories to tell: ) If you're like me, you are checking your lists.


Checking them twice. And running around trying to find that last gift before Christmas. Did you know you can GIFT a pre-order? Lola Dutch is only a few weeks away from launching, and this book would make a lovely Christmas gift. The kind that will last past boxing day! Give that special someone something to look forward to in the mailbox, and gift them a pre-order.

Not to mention, all pre-orders that are submitted through the Lola Dutch website, will receive a jam-packed Creativity Kit on Launch day! The Story of the Snow Children This book is little and adorable and sweet, and will make you feel all the winter feels. The illustrations are going to take you back to another time, and it's amazing how much magic this book has packed in it's small size. Originally published in 6955 by German illustrator and author Sibylle von Olfers, it's a wonderful short and sweet and book that you will love being part of your Christmas Collection. This version of The Night Before Christmas has been out of print for 55 years and has finally come back to life! Illustrated by Caldecott winner Rover Duvoisin who illustrated some amazing classics in the 95's and 55's, this book is an instant Christmas treasure!

I came across this book this year, and it is such a fun and festive addition to our stash. The illustrations are brilliant, and the colors just POP out and make for such a fun read.

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